Saturday, July 1

Drink of the Day

In honor of Brazil...I know you all need a drink now. The Brazilian beverage recipe for today is the refreshing CAPRIOSKA.

8 lime wedges
2 tbsp. sugar
soda water

Put the lime wedges and suger into a glass. Muddle the limes and the suger together. Add ice to the top of the glass. Pour vodka to the top of the glass. Cover and shake. Add a splash of soda water. Enjoy!

World Cup in NYC

I found out today that the East Village is the place to watch the soccer matches in NYC. We had some Brazilian friends we were meeting up with today, so the match of Brazil vs. France was first on the agenda. We at first attempted to go to the Brazilian bar Baraza on Ave. C. They had a live band belting out Brazilian music. The bartenders were excellent and kept the caprioskas coming. The place filled up to capacity so we had to relocate to be with the rest of our group. After waiting in line at the next bar (a German beer garden) we finally got to watch the game. This venue had mostly French fans and the Brazilians were quite upset with the loss. The Brazilians are extremely passionate about their soccer. I found this out first had when I attended a match in Rio, so I really feel for them. However, two Brazilian girls were very rude as we were leaving Baraza because we momentarily blocked their view. I apologized and explained that our other friends could not get in and they told me to "get a life".

So, on that note ironically I'm heading to France tomorrow....and believe me girls, i will definiely be living life on my vacation. Stay tuned for some great posts from Europe!

Friday, June 30

Waitress Celebrity Observations

Russell Crowe being very kind (shorter than expected) and thankful to the doorman of a club as he exited a couple of weeks ago.

T.R. Knight (cutie Dr. George O'Mally from hit show Grey's Anatomy) saving a beautiful tall blond waitress from aggressive admirers.

Oscar De La Hoya drinks Johnnie Walker Blue on the Rocks (at almost $50 per glass).

Luke Wilson drinks amstel light (or at least he was this night). At first he was alone and then he asked to join a table of four girls. I don't think they ever figured out who he was!

Terrnce Howard drinks jack and coke and also tequila.

Carson Daly prefers vodka with soda.

(Thanks to the servers that shared the info!)

Rant of the day...Annoying things about being out on the town

Ok, so I was out last night for my best friends birthday. We were at the bar and some tall expensively dressed men were at the bar next to us. They started chatting with us...and offered us a drink. Wait...I know that offering a drink is a nice gesture, just let me finish. We politely declined and they went on to get drinks for themselves. I watched closely as they paid (I have a habit of that). He got his change from one of the nicest bartenders ever...and he handed him $1. Ok..ok...again, I know it's something..but come on! The part that bothered me most was that he didn't just set it on the bar, he made sure he handed it directly to the bartender. I know some of you think $1 is enough. And you are right if you are at certain places. But do not expect to go to an "exclusive" club/lounge with $15 drinks and leave a $1 for a round. I'm not saying to be cheesy and through down $100 to flaunt your money...just be aware. You stepped it up enough to put on a nice Armani suit...step it up with the tips.

Ugh. Deep breathe.

Lastly, if you approach passing girls and ask them to come with you to a club to assist your chances of getting least offer them a drink (and "hi" usually works better than "yo").

BTE (Best Tip Ever)

As being the first addition of BTE I haven't been told too many outrageous stories. I did hear that once a waitress at Leg Room in Chicago was tipped $10,000. I personally never had over a $500 tip (unless gratuity was included because of a very large party...which happened once).

I want to hear you BTE...or the biggest BTE story you've heard!

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Today I officially launch! I've been longing to do this for a long time and I'm finally doing it! I hope you enjoy the posts and I look forward to your stories to add to mine!

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Thursday, June 29

Vonage Party at AER NYC

Ok...So I don't have pictures of the waitresses, bartenders or any celebrity guests because I lost my camera! But thankfully Omar from sent me a few pics. These are some girls enjoying the tunes (ok..they are my friends). Anyways, Log onto his site ( in a few days for more great pics from the event.

The theme of the event seemed to be sixties disco. There were "Vonage" girls dressed in orange and white polyester mini dresses with platform white patent leather boots and they were dancing on blocks. The waitresses were dressed in beautiful white satin dresses with braided straps. The event was hosted by Liv Tyler and attended by Freddie Prinze Jr., Maggie Gyllenhaal, John Legend and Haylie Duff. DJ AM of course rocked out with great tunes and there was plenty of my new favorite p.i.n.k. vodka flowing.

Gnarls Barkley - Crazy

Last night I was at the Vonage party at Aer in NYC hosted by Liv Tyler. DJ AM (check out his site at was there spinning, and I have to say it... he is the best. No one can get a room going like he can! This song by Gnarls Barkley has been on my mind since last evening. I had a crazy time with my girlfriends and the party was great!...I had many pictures I was planning to post today, but I dropped my camara and lost the memory card! So, enjoy this song which is one of my memories! Dedicated to fellow blogger Perez Hllton who made an appearance as well!

Drink of the Day

This entire week is all about celebration because I'm launching this blog! There is no better way to celebrate than with a champagne cocktail. Today's recipe is for the sweet, bubbly and refreshing BELLINI!
There are variations to making this cocktail but here is my recipe.

Each glass:

3-4 oz of a dry champagne (prosecco works nicely)
1 oz or less of peach schnapps
AND the most important: stir in a little peach puree (either puree a medium-sized ripe peach yourself or buy the mix from Cipriani)

Enjoy and Cheers to Tip Or Tat!

Wednesday, June 28

Today's Guess that Venue

In my inaugural week I had to choose this special venue as today's "Guess that Venue". It shouldn't be too hard since I'm providing a picture (although a bit blurry which adds to the mystery)! It is a place close to my heart because I've met some of my best friends and boyfriend(s) here (he he).
Clues: This venue is approaching its three year anniversary this September. Once you walk in the door you feel whisked away to a Caribbean island. Sherry works in the women's bathroom (at least she did as of a few months ago). They've hosted many A-list celebs which usually hold court in one of the horseshoe-shaped booths. Ok, Time to guess!!! Post your guess in the comments section.

These Stars Married a Waitress/Bartender!

We wait on them all of the time, but could you image marrying a celeb you waited on?

Matt Damon met his wife in Miami while she was working as a bartender. Nick Cage met Alice Kim when she was a sushi waitress. Who knows what could happen in the exciting life of a waitress! ha ha right? This might be a fairytale to some, but most the girls I know don't get their kicks off of waiting on celebs. I will not argue though that being a waitress opens the door to meet many people....and if they happen to be someone like Matt Damon, then well, you never know!

When You're Having a Bad Day...

I know all the other gossipers are dissecting the Star Jones departure from The View. I, however, would like to say that at least she looks happy in this photo after her departure speech. I don't know about you....but nothing makes me happier than sitting outside in NYC on a summer day.

AND, I personally have waited on her hubby Al before. He was genuine, classy and a VERY good tipper. I don't care what everyone else says! They are smart and successful. Why tear them apart?

(btw..does anyone know where they are eating?...I can't tell:()

Sunday, June 25

Mr. Clooney is the Entire Package


Oh George!...Thank you for being a good tipper!

Give me the dish...who else joins George in the Good category??