Friday, July 7

It doesn't surprise me that Cher was a no show...

Today Page Six reported that Cher was a no show to the Valentino show on Wednesday night in Paris. As I said in my Paris celebrity sighting post, I did not see her on Tuesday night. BUT, my friends did. They said she looked pretty drunk...or something. It's okay Cher...I've been recovering from Tuesday night for a few days too.:)

Name that venue

In today's name that venue I only have a few clues. It is of course located in Europe. It is "the place" to have a three hour lunch in this location. While dining and drinking a bottle of rose wine, it is not uncommon to see 200ft yachts cruise by. This place is tres chic and hosts more celebs than can be named. Guess that venue!!!


Thursday, July 6 was fashion week...

The post a few days ago about seeing Ellen Pompeo and Drew Barrymore in Paris, and wondering what they were in town for is solved. A Socialites Life confirmed that they were in Paris for the John Galliano Couture Fashion show. I guess Mischa Barton was also in town but I missed a run in with her.

Drink of the Day

In honor of being in Europe..Today's drink is a CAMPARI AND SODA.
It is very simple. Just take the liquer campari and add soda. Yum! Garnish with and orange slice.

Wednesday, July 5

Celebrity sightings in Paris

I was out shopping on Rue de Grenelle and I turned the corner and nearly gasped as I recognized Meredeth Grey (Ellen Pompeo) from hit show Grey's Anatomy. I am a big fan! She was with her boyfriend and either going in or coming ot of Catherine Malandrino.

Stopped by the Plaza Athenee Hotel bar for a few drinks and saw LA party king Brent Bolthouse leaving with Drew Barrymore and her boyfriend Fabrizio Moretti. Heard Cher was in the house but missed the sighting. I guess everyone must be in town for fashion week.

Day three of Ex Waitress Does Europe

Brilliant idea at a French club! Drinks come in plastic cups with lids! No more mess!
Our lovely waiter at four hour dinner.
Cafe in Paris!

Well..if you want to be forced to retire from waitressing, Paris is the place to come. Three days past without even seeing one woman server!

The servers were all great. The service...well, let's just say it was "relaxed". Both dinners we had were about four hours. But I guess that is the french way! Of course as Americans we drank until we couldn't even taste our food. I'm positive the waiter was annoyed with us! So, I guess we all annoy each other.

As far as the tipping goes. They do include 15% on every check. There isn't even a line to put a tip, even if you wanted to. Most locals I asked understood that you tip in America and they even knew what percentage to tip. So I'm going to conclude when they come to the U.S. that they know...and they just don't. Shame on you! I have to admit that I didn't know that you tip the host at the cabaret show and did not. I hope he doesn't hate me!

Sunday, July 2

An Ex Waitress does Europe

I've just arrived in Paris!! I'm so excited to be in the city of lights again (it's been a long time!) I'm going to share my experiences with you while I gallivant around Europe (don't be jealous..this is basically my first time going anywhere but Paris)...While I'm here I'm going to get to the bottom of tipping policies once and for all! I'm on a mission to survey Europeans on what they think is standard in the US. We will solve this problem once and for all!
I know I've been hard on the Europeans this week...but you know outside of the bars we love ya!

A-Rod Tip Off

Yankee Alex Rodriguez was spotted at the Hudson Bar in NYC last night. He came in with a hot chocolate from Starbucks (so cute!). He then moved on from the cocoa and drank a Grey Goose and Soda. No word yet on if he was a good tipper, but if he's anything like his teammate Jeter, he's definitely generous! The report was that he looked great and he's an avid text messager.

Go Yankess!

(thanks sl for the tip...xoxox!)

UPDATE: He tipped $40 on $24...thanks A-Rod!!!

Technical Difficulties!!

I'm having some technical problems for those of you that use internet explorer! The problem will be fixed shortly!!!:)

David "The Hoff" Hasselhoff - Jump In My Car

I know this has nothing to do with my blog, but it is entertaining!!! David Hasselhoff is really making his mark in the music biz..(well at least he's HUGE in Germany)! Check out his new video!