Wednesday, July 5

Day three of Ex Waitress Does Europe

Brilliant idea at a French club! Drinks come in plastic cups with lids! No more mess!
Our lovely waiter at four hour dinner.
Cafe in Paris!

Well..if you want to be forced to retire from waitressing, Paris is the place to come. Three days past without even seeing one woman server!

The servers were all great. The service...well, let's just say it was "relaxed". Both dinners we had were about four hours. But I guess that is the french way! Of course as Americans we drank until we couldn't even taste our food. I'm positive the waiter was annoyed with us! So, I guess we all annoy each other.

As far as the tipping goes. They do include 15% on every check. There isn't even a line to put a tip, even if you wanted to. Most locals I asked understood that you tip in America and they even knew what percentage to tip. So I'm going to conclude when they come to the U.S. that they know...and they just don't. Shame on you! I have to admit that I didn't know that you tip the host at the cabaret show and did not. I hope he doesn't hate me!


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