Saturday, July 1

World Cup in NYC

I found out today that the East Village is the place to watch the soccer matches in NYC. We had some Brazilian friends we were meeting up with today, so the match of Brazil vs. France was first on the agenda. We at first attempted to go to the Brazilian bar Baraza on Ave. C. They had a live band belting out Brazilian music. The bartenders were excellent and kept the caprioskas coming. The place filled up to capacity so we had to relocate to be with the rest of our group. After waiting in line at the next bar (a German beer garden) we finally got to watch the game. This venue had mostly French fans and the Brazilians were quite upset with the loss. The Brazilians are extremely passionate about their soccer. I found this out first had when I attended a match in Rio, so I really feel for them. However, two Brazilian girls were very rude as we were leaving Baraza because we momentarily blocked their view. I apologized and explained that our other friends could not get in and they told me to "get a life".

So, on that note ironically I'm heading to France tomorrow....and believe me girls, i will definiely be living life on my vacation. Stay tuned for some great posts from Europe!


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