Friday, June 30

Waitress Celebrity Observations

Russell Crowe being very kind (shorter than expected) and thankful to the doorman of a club as he exited a couple of weeks ago.

T.R. Knight (cutie Dr. George O'Mally from hit show Grey's Anatomy) saving a beautiful tall blond waitress from aggressive admirers.

Oscar De La Hoya drinks Johnnie Walker Blue on the Rocks (at almost $50 per glass).

Luke Wilson drinks amstel light (or at least he was this night). At first he was alone and then he asked to join a table of four girls. I don't think they ever figured out who he was!

Terrnce Howard drinks jack and coke and also tequila.

Carson Daly prefers vodka with soda.

(Thanks to the servers that shared the info!)


Blogger anonymous said...

do you mind me asking when and where Luke Wilson was???

7/02/2006 6:42 PM  

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