Friday, June 30

Rant of the day...Annoying things about being out on the town

Ok, so I was out last night for my best friends birthday. We were at the bar and some tall expensively dressed men were at the bar next to us. They started chatting with us...and offered us a drink. Wait...I know that offering a drink is a nice gesture, just let me finish. We politely declined and they went on to get drinks for themselves. I watched closely as they paid (I have a habit of that). He got his change from one of the nicest bartenders ever...and he handed him $1. Ok..ok...again, I know it's something..but come on! The part that bothered me most was that he didn't just set it on the bar, he made sure he handed it directly to the bartender. I know some of you think $1 is enough. And you are right if you are at certain places. But do not expect to go to an "exclusive" club/lounge with $15 drinks and leave a $1 for a round. I'm not saying to be cheesy and through down $100 to flaunt your money...just be aware. You stepped it up enough to put on a nice Armani suit...step it up with the tips.

Ugh. Deep breathe.

Lastly, if you approach passing girls and ask them to come with you to a club to assist your chances of getting least offer them a drink (and "hi" usually works better than "yo").


Anonymous Trish said...

The Armani suit thing is totally turning me on. I think I need a night out. Great blog btw.

7/04/2006 3:33 AM  

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