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I'm not surprised

Hooters sees increase in Sunday sales
Jan 29, 2007 12:42 PM

Valdosta - Hooters in Valdosta poured its first alcoholic drink on Sunday just four weeks ago.

Managers say they are already reaping the benefits. "Previously none of us were selling alcohol on Sunday. Now they don't just see it as a Monday through Saturday establishment, they can come in 7 days a week," says Hooters Manager Fran Merchant.

Adding alcohol that extra day has brought an influx in sales and customers each Sunday to Hooters. "Now on Sunday's they can sit back, watch TV, drink a beer and eat," she adds.

But managers aren't the only ones who've noticed a difference. The servers say they've also seen an increase in business and tips. "We've always done pretty well getting our regulars to come in on Sunday but since we've been to actually sell alcohol we've noticed a tremendous increase in sales," says waitress Maggie Bearer.

And an increase in moral. "Girls actually want to work on Sundays now," Bearer says.

Waitress Tiffany Stinger agrees. "Yeah, there's a major difference in girls who actually want to work on Sundays. I definitely liked to work more on Sundays."
They say it's only the beginning and they think it will continue to benefit the restaurant in the future. "I can see it only getting better because the more people know about it, the more people will come on Sunday," says Merchant.

Now they'll prepare for their biggest weekend yet, Super bowl Sunday.

Managers with Applebee's, Outback Steakhouse, and Texas Roadhouse say they've also seen an increase in Sunday sales.

Tuesday, January 23


Denny's waitress: Robber in cast stole $300

EVANSVILLE, Ind. -- It certainly wasn't a strongarm robbery.
A waitress at a Denny's restaurant told police officers a teenager with a cast on his left arm robbed her of $300.

The woman told investigators that the teen came in Saturday night and sat at a table. She said he told her he was waiting for someone.

But she said that when she turned around after taking an order, the teen stood up, grabbed her money book and ran out the front door.


Monday, January 8

Question of the Day

This was submitted by a Tip OR Tat reader...

"I recently took my girlfriend out for a great meal. Food, wine and service were great. For some reason a couple of days later I was telling a coworker about the place and how much the bill had come out to with tip. I then realized that I may have inadvertently undertipped! The bill was $200 ($60 of which was wine and around $15 was tax). I'm trying to justify it by saying I left enough without wine for tip, but I don't feel right. What do I do?"

This is a very good question. Everyone knows, accidents happen. I too have done something similar. There are a couple different ways you can handle this...

To be honest, the server has probably forgotten about it by this point. If you don't feel right, and you do plan on frequenting the restaurant, (assuming you remember the server) you should go back and give them a little more tip. That is a classy move.

But at the end of the day, it was an honest mistake, and you should forgive yourself!! At least you left something!

I always believe in doing what is best for you...If going back and leaving more will set your mind at ease, then get in the car and go! Otherwise, you should let it go:)

Thanks for the submission and if you would like to submit a question email

Tuesday, January 2

27 years as a waitress

A waitress since age 14
Harbor East Oceanaire's Nancy Oliver says talking about food and wine is her passion

Nancy Oliver
Oceanaire Seafood Room, Harbor East

Salary // $3.08 an hour plus tips; she averages $30,000 a year

Age // 41

Years on the job // One. But she has been a waitress for 27 years.

How she got started // Oliver said she began working in the restaurant business at the age of 14, by following her mother to her job at a catering hall. She worked there for about four years and has stayed in the profession ever since. Other area restaurants where she has worked include Bandaloops (now closed) and Legal Seafood. "I find it enjoyable. I could talk about food all night long."

Typical day // She works four nights a week starting at 4 p.m. and regularly picks up extra shifts. Her night starts with about a half-hour of prep work. The Oceanaire, known for it's "ultra-fresh" seafood, prints a daily menu with fresh catch selections that are always changing. A staff meeting starts at 4:30 p.m. to discuss issues of the day, including special menu items. At 5 p.m. the doors open and customers begin to come in. Oliver said the Oceanaire is not a "turn-and-burn" type of restaurant where waitresses make their money by serving as many diners as possible. Instead, she typically has three or four tables and serves between 12 and 25 customers a night. She expects customers to stay about two hours.

Tips // 20 percent is the industry standard for good service, said Oliver, who averages between $125 and $150 in tips a night.

Best tip // $450. Oliver said she worked a party of about 10 people who spared no expense. "They were exceedingly generous."

Busiest time // Convention season, which includes spring and fall.

Most popular items on menu // Scallops and black cod. Oliver said the scallops are "magnificent in size" and are best pan-seared, while the cod is served with a perfect combination of miran and miso to give it the signature "black" color.

The good // "I love meeting new people, talking about food and wine. That's my passion."

The bad // Time management. "Making sure you have been able to focus on what needs to be done. When you get three or four tables all going at once and all the chairs are full, you need to know how to focus."

Physical toll // Oliver said her mother waited tables until she was in her late 60s and it took a toll on her body. "I can't imagine doing this my whole life because it is so physically demanding. It puts a beating on you."

Future // Although she expects to continue to waitress a few more years, Oliver is preparing for her life outside restaurants. She has taken business classes and hopes to open a garment business. She previously worked as a bike courier and has designed over-the-shoulder bags, which she sold through word-of-mouth to messengers around town.

Perks // Small meals are offered at the start of a shift and select dinner specials are available for tasting. Oliver can also dine at the restaurant for 50 percent off most menu items.

Helping customers decide // "I really like the challenge of someone coming in hungry and not really knowing what they want. And when they come away with a really great experience, that's when I enjoy it."

The difficult customers // "I take everything with a smile. We look at a complaint as an opportunity to turn things around and make them pleased with how we handled it."

Philosophy on the job // "Do my best to make their experience good."


Monday, December 18

Best Waitress/Love Story in a movie ever!

Seriously, go for it!

I know when you are comfortable, it is hard to get up and change jobs or careers. However, the bottom line is that at some point you just have to. I feel like for most people it is a confidence issue. You know you can do something better, so honestly, just do it! It is easier said than done, but you never know unless you try!

The Good Girls: Experienced waitress should consider an upgrade to manager

Dear Good Girls: I've been working as a waitress and bartender for 30 years. We don't get benefits and it's been that way all my life.

I think I'm a very good waitress and everyone I have ever worked with says I'm a very hard worker. I raised my children and I'm married, but just don't make enough money to make my payments. Right now I make about $20 to $25 some days and $40 others. But it sure doesn't add up to much once you pay your taxes and turn in tips. How can I get the money I deserve?

Dear Reader: It's time you gave yourself a raise, either by switching jobs or employers. The food-service industry is in dire need of management-level people, according to Mary Adolf, president of the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, based in Chicago. Your experience in the operational and hospitality area is "greatly sought after and appreciated" in managers, she says.

Want to stick with waitressing? Look for restaurants that have higher check averages so the tips are better, or other food-service organizations, such as colleges and hospitals, where employees are entitled to benefits. With your solid skills and experience and a little effort, you should be able to cook up a more lucrative opportunity.


Sunday, December 3

Talk about being bitter....

I don't even know what to say about this...

Hear About the Strip Club Waitress and the Explosive Condoms?

Now this is something you don't encounter every day. A former strip club waitress has been sentenced after pleading guilty to mailing to several recipients condoms filled with a potentially explosive mixture.

Kimberly Lynn Dasilva's sentence is five years of supervised release. A federal judge in Boston also sentenced Dasilva to community service and ordered her to get mental counseling.

She admitted to mailing the explosive condoms to a TV station, strip clubs where she had worked and other places.

Dasilva said she was tired of being mistreated by men.

None of the condoms actually exploded.

Story from the Associated Press

Thursday, November 30

Guess Who?

Ok..I've been getting a lot of slack for my lack of attention to Tip Or Tat. I'm so sorry and I'm looking for someone to help out....Know anyone?

Anyways, to hold you all over...

Which legend of an athlete is dreaded by the service community all over the country for his lack of appreciation of service? This champion bull is known to run up thousands of dollars worth of tabs (that are usually comped) and then walks out leaving nothing (and usually with a bad attitude)! I've asked this before but didn't get too many responses...

Guess who?

Monday, November 27


You know how I got you all excited about Indiana posts?

To put it simply, this is all I got. Sorry.

Sunday, November 19

It's Thanksgiving time..

You lucky readers are going to get another Indiana edition of Tip or Tat. Which means yet another year that I live in NYC and I've still never seen the Macy's day parade. Oh well. I promise that I'll be posting more frequently, so much more to look forward to! (shut up.) I mean I'll try my best to keep it entertaining.

Safe travels!

Zellweger misses being a humble waitress

My first thought was, yeah right. But then I started to think about it and how I'm now a retired waitress, and I too miss it on some days. I guess you can always find positives in every experience.

SHE makes millions a movie but Renee Zellweger reckons she isn't as happy as when she was a humble waitress.

The Texan actress says: "I did some work on a farm and in a bar - they were the happiest times in my life - I had no worries apart from serving tables."

And the Cinderella Man star, 37, hates all the attention: "Why am I not a 'look at me' girl? When I face walking on the red carpet before a premiere, I am terrified by the wall of photographers screaming my name. It is so violent.

"When I first went to Hollywood, I remember working for two years in a bar. I was happy when all I had to worry about was the labels on the bottles."

We'll drink to that...


Monday, November 13

My Home State is Doing Something Right!

A Judge in my home state came up with a clever disciplinary method. Now if only we could just get something done for those that don't tip!

Teen Who Skipped Tab Made to Wash Dishes

VALPARAISO, Ind. (AP) - Not paying a restaurant tab will cost a teenager a day in the county jail - not in a cell, but in the kitchen. A judge ordered Donna Shelby to wash dishes at the Porter County Jail on Thanksgiving after she was convicted of a misdemeanor conversion charge for walking out of a restaurant without paying her $18.19 bill.

Porter Superior Court Judge David Chidester ordered the penalty Monday after a bench trial for the 19-year-old. She offered no defense to the accusation that she left the Round the Clock restaurant on Aug. 12 without paying.

Chidester said the restaurant was not seeking restitution, so he sought an alternative sentence, which he remembered from an old television show.

He first suggested Shelby wash dishes at the northwestern Indiana eatery, but managers did not want her back on the property, the judge said.

No telephone listing for Shelby could be found in Porter County to obtain comment.


Thanks MD for the tip!

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Wednesday, November 8

Uma's been a waitress

Her t-shirt says the rest of the jobs she had before being, well, being er, Uma.

Guess The A-List Waitress
Actresses normally start off as waitresses before hitting the big time in Hollywood.
Not the other way round.
However, this table-waiting gig isn't the only work Uma Thurman can currently find.
She's still an in-demand actress (we loved her in My Super Ex-Girlfriend, btw), so in-demand in fact, that she was asked to attend the Sundance Institute's 25th Anniversary Gala.
And, to say thanks for all Sundance has done for her career, Uma picked up a tray and started serving drinks.
But giving Uma competition for tips were Parker Posey, Claire Danes, Newman and Glenn Close.

Btw..Claire Danes dropped her tray!!

Sunday, October 29

Halloween as a Waitress

I don't know what it is about some of these holidays that bring out the worst in people. Although as a waitress, we do get to dress up and at least for one night, sort of feel like we are out too instead of working. However, I've never had people be as rude as they were on Halloween! Just because you are wearing a mask doesn't mean you can treat a waitress poorly. I don't care if you also spent a too much money on your Princess Leia or R2D2 costume, you still need to pay for drinks and tips are appreciated. And, for every sleazy comment you make about our costumes, there should be an added gratuity.

On a more positive note, have a safe Halloween!

Sunday, October 22

New York City's answer to nightlife problems...


October 19, 2006 -- The Bloomberg administration revealed yesterday that it will propose cleaning up the city's out-of-control nightclubs with new "two strikes and you're out" legislation.

The bill would give city officials the power to shut down clubs that get hit with two or more serious offenses in a year.
"Our bill will enable the court to close premises where there have been two or more crimes of murder, manslaughter, felony assault or gang assault within one year," said Shari Hyman, director of the mayor's Office of Special Enforcement, at a hearing before the City Council Consumer Affairs and Public Safety committees.

"Additionally, the bill allows for the closing of an establishment for two or more violations of selected provisions of the Alcohol Beverage Control Law," Hyman added.
Bloomberg officials also said they support Council Speaker Christine Quinn's proposal to have cameras at club entrances and exists. But they don't back her plan to require high-tech ID scanners to check patrons' ages and allow off-duty cops to be hired by clubs to police the exterior areas.

"We believe the use of [police] in that manner is contrary to the ABC law. It's illegal," NYPD Assistant Commissioner Susan Petito testified.
David Rabin, president of the New York Nightlife Association, said the administration's positions were counterintuitive.

"Why on earth would I call the police ever again if I'm risking my entire business?" asked Rabin, who co-owns the Lotus nightclub.

"Where is the discussion of an overall change in NYPD's philosophy . . . as opposed to [putting] us in a gotcha situation?"

Robert Bookman, an attorney for the nightlife industry, said the council's proposals for scanners were, at best, flawed.

"Your bill says if somebody appears under 30, they have to have ID and we have to scan it. That's ludicrous in the hospitality city of the world," he said.

This year, two young women, Imette St. Guillen and Jennifer Moore, and two young men, Antonios Sasarakis and Gustavo Cuadros, have been killed violently after they interacted with bouncers or people they met after a night of drinking.


Saturday, October 14

Learning to carry a tray

I remember when I first learned how to carry a tray. It's one of those special moments in life that I'll never forget. ha. I really like the added really resonated with me and made the video that much better. ha. ha.

I really empathize with this waitress

This article was in the University of Georgia newspaper and I definitely had to share it with you! I feel for this girl and totally understand where she's coming from. Good advice for all to read! I have, of course for your enjoyment, put in bold some of my favorite parts!

Advice from the abused waitress
Published , October 11, 2006, 06:00:01 AM EDT

Welcome to Hell. After I seat you, I’d be happy to bring you some menus.

Forgive me if that sounds harsh. While the rest of you were out partying for/during/after the game against the Big Orange, I spent all of my weekend downtown, with a 10-hour shift on Friday night and an 18-hour shift on Gameday, sober, dealing with some really ridiculous people.

And for the sake of myself and my fellow servers and bartenders in Athens, before the next game, I must pass along a list of appropriate restaurant behavior because if I have another experience like the one on Saturday, the men in white coats are going to have to come take me away.

Early on Sunday morning, when my fellow servers and I were still cleaning, I started thinking of an appropriate way to tell people how to behave in restaurants. I settled on a column. So here are my helpful hints, or things every server wishes they could say, to restaurant patrons.

Your servers are NOT responsible for every disaster. Seriously, there’s not some huge server conspiracy to make your lives miserable.

Friday night, I had a woman who went from zero to bitch in the blink of an eye. I don’t care that she was three sheets to the wind; there’s no reason to make your servers cry profusely because there’s no chili for one’s fries. Do I look like I control the cooking of chili in bulk?

You are paying for the privilege of not having to cook your own dinner and clean up after yourself. However, if you were eating at your grandmother’s house and she ran out of mashed potatoes, you wouldn’t berate her until she was sobbing in the kitchen.

Same principle — servers are humans and we make mistakes. Deal with it.

The HOSTESS will seat you. If there is a sign that says “The Hostess Will Seat You,” it wasn’t put up just to give the restaurant an authentic look. There is a method to the madness of seating, so don’t think you know better than we do.

Also, if you MUST go out to eat on a game day, please understand that no matter where you go downtown, you are going to have to wait. Do not complain about how long you’ve been waiting. We already know. At least you get to drink beer while you wait and sit down eventually. Your staff doesn’t have that luxury.

Your actions always affect someone. Just because you don’t have to clean up after yourself and your friends on gameday does not give you permission to treat a restaurant or bar like your own personal frat party.

I and my fellow servers spent close to three hours after the bars closed Saturday/Sunday cleaning up a disaster area of food (left in the strangest places), mini bottles of liquor (which we don’t serve), team tattoos and pompoms.

The piles of broken glass on the floor and vomit in the bathroom had me asking my manager if we could just set the place on fire and collect the insurance. It was that bad.

There is a special place in Hell for people who skip out on their tabs, whether they are for food or alcohol.

You and your friends might think it’s cute or an adrenaline rush or whatever. What it is is illegal and cruel.

You dip out on a $100 check and someone is going to have to cover the resources you used. That money comes out of the pocket of your server or bartender, thus cutting into their already-meager profits.

Don’t be THAT table. All people in food service know what I mean. Let me explain to you who don’t. Don’t keep your server from their other tables all night with 75 ridiculous requests for more lemons and 87 drink refills.

Whether you’re in a bar or a restaurant, don’t shake your empty glass at whoever is waiting on you. We see you and your empty glass, but obviously we cannot take care of just you; we will get to you as soon as we can. We’re not dogs, don’t shake things at us and expect us to come on command.

As to the issue of tipping, food service workers agree: Just leave what you would appreciate if you work as hard as the servers/bartenders in Athens do.

At the end of the day, don’t be jerks. If you want service that will make that will make you 100 percent happy, eat at home and pour your own drinks. If you want to go out, we will try our hardest to make sure you have an awesome meal or happy hour, but things can go wrong.

Don’t make your servers’ lives miserable; just go with the flow, order another round and I guarantee you won’t remember what made you mad in the first place.


Tuesday, October 10

Disney CEO is my new BFF...

Quietly Keeping the Spotlight on Disney
CEO Robert Iger has kept a low profile while mending fences broken under his predecessor and forging key deals with Pixar and iTunes.
By Joseph Menn, Times Staff Writer

Even to those who have worked closely with Robert Iger, the Walt Disney Co. chief executive is something of an enigma — "easy to like but hard to get to know," in the words of one former senior officer.

Since ascending to the top a year ago last week, Iger has kept an unusually low profile, a relatively tricky task at an entertainment icon whose leaders have been household names for nearly all of its 83 years.

In his short tenure, Iger has amassed goodwill by patching up feuds he inherited from his predecessor, Michael Eisner.

Yet he has limited his public exposure to carefully selected events, such as being honored last week at UCLA's Millennium Ball. He has turned down most interview requests, including one for this story, and in June canceled on 24 hours' notice without explanation a speech to the power elite of Los Angeles that was to have been his local coming-out party.

Contrast that to Eisner, who was easy to know, harder to like. He penned two autobiographies, hosted Disney television shows and became a fixture on such TV programs as "Charlie Rose." At the same time, Eisner's abrasive micromanagement polarized investors and left him unpopular with a large swath of his own company.

"Bob is very modest about his abilities and instincts — which in fact are very, very good," said DreamWorks Animation Chief Executive Jeffrey Katzenberg, one of many Disney leaders who departed after disagreements with Eisner. "He is way less engaged in the trappings and public persona than he is in really providing leadership."

Such reluctance to take center stage is rare among CEOs, especially in Hollywood, where many get caught up in their celebrity. And Iger has a lot to crow about, having overseen a dramatic turnaround in the company's financial and stock performance. But Iger is determined to avoid Eisner's fate as a big target for company critics.

"He's just smartly decided that people should focus on the company and not on him," said Rich Frank, a former top Disney executive and now co-chairman of the Firm, a management company.

As Disney's president, Iger was Eisner's second in command for five years and had the best seat in the house to view the downside of being a CEO whose name is synonymous with the company's.

Eisner's persona served Disney well after he took over a troubled operation in 1984, putting a public face on the company and sending a message that he was the fun-loving leader of a creative team that would restore the kingdom's magic.

But as investor discontent grew toward the end of Eisner's reign, he became a lightning rod. In 2004, Eisner endured a humiliating 45% no-confidence vote from shareholders — an unprecedented rebuke in U.S. corporate history — and was stripped of the chairmanship by directors. Instead of enjoying a victory lap of plaudits, Eisner hastened his departure.

According to people who have discussed the issue with directors, they are thrilled that Iger has mended fences while keeping his head down.

He can still turn on the charm when it counts. At a Disneyland premiere of "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest," Iger moved like a seasoned politician, greeting a new acquaintance with the same warmth as he did Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. A quintessential company man, Iger has the public poise and good looks of a TV weatherman, which he once was.

"Bob is a nice guy," said Comcast Corp. Chief Operating Officer Stephen Burke, who was president of ABC Broadcasting under Iger. "There's an old business bromide that if you're interviewing a guy for a job and he treats the waitress poorly, you shouldn't hire him. Bob would never treat a waitress poorly."

Read More (source)

Thursday, October 5

"Tip" Of The Day

Was in the east village (NYC) on Sunday for some football watching and came across this chalkboard..

If you can't read it (I'm not the best photographer), it says:

Today's Specials

You Are,
Everytime You Tip!

(not sure what it says in pink...) leaves me feeling all fuzzy inside!

Tuesday, October 3

royalty (..and Prince too!) share the wealth with waitress

Page Six reports:
A GAGGLE of princes showed up at Pink Elephant over the weekend and had their waitresses bowing down to them after leaving extravagant tips. Several from the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia crowded one table and ordered an $8,000 bottle of Cristal - on which they left a hefty $2,000 tip. Meanwhile, Prince the musician strolled in with a female pal and a bodyguard and "left a huge 100 percent tip on their large tab," said our spy.


Curiosity has got the best of me....

What was your biggest tip ever? (if not a server, what is the biggest tip you've ever left?)
under $100
$100 - $500
$300 - $1,000
$1,000 +
Free polls from

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Wednesday, September 27

Ed Norton Sticks Up for waitress

(Took place in a NYC eatery)

Norton visited the restaurant around 10 pm last week (Friday) with a date.
Hardly anyone noticed him because he doesn't aim to be noticed--he's
not flashy and neither was his date (although the source said both
"looked hot").

Anyway, the restaurant is small and always crowded, so
they were at a table right in the middle of the action. A female server
waited on them and on a all-male party of ten right next to them. The
all-male party was really demanding, drunk, and totally inappropriate
with the waitress. Two of them in particular were overtly sexual with
her. She asked them to stop and they cooled off for a while, but
continued soon after.

Apparently, Norton alerted the manager of the
problem before the waitress had the chance, so the two harassers got
kicked out and the rest of the party soon followed. After they
cleared, Norton said, "I apologize for my gender. Sorry you had to
endure that." She thanked him for talking to the manager.

Another party of mixed company filled the formerly all-male table and two of
the women recognized Norton and said their hellos and said they were fans. When the waitress returned to the table next to Norton's, the woman told her that Edward asked her to tell her entire table to be extra nice to my waitress because she had just been waiting on a group of sexist pigs!

The rest of the evening was quiet; Norton and his date were there for
about an hour and a half. Their bill was around $100 and Norton left
$200 in cash.

Thanks Ed! We appreciate it!

Thanks AC for the tip!

UPDATE: This story is from an actual employee at the publicists were involved! Amazing that all of you question this!

Tuesday, September 26

Lindsay Lohan is NOT Below Service

Word is that Ms. Lohan went to a lavish party in the English Countryside a couple weeks back with boyfriend (or ex) Harry Morton. Lindsay was obsessively cleaning the mansion in front of other party goers. Every time someone put down a glass, she picked it up and wiped the table. She made some comment that glasses on the table really bothered her. She also asked if she could assist in the DJ duties for the entire evening. What a little miss helper!

I'm glad to know that when she is out and about she is cleaning up after herself and others. She sounds like she'd make a great waitress. Wonder why so obsessive? Hmm.

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Saturday, September 23

Sorry for my absence!

Yes. I've been a slacker. I assure you I've been very busy, but I know that is not an excuse. I will be back on a regular basis from now on! I have a mission to make sure everyone knows how you treat a waitress says a lot about who you are!!

Anyhow, I have not had a chance to put it up on this site, but my podcast is available. I'm embarrassed that I say "you know" so much (and "um" too), but cut me some slack, it was my first interview! From now on I'm on a mission to be more articulate!

I also want to give a huge thanks to John Linder of the Baltimore Sun for coming up with the blogger segment Blography featuring a new blogger every week (I was the first!!)! Blography is dedicated to the exploration, study and appreciation of the Blogsphere and its inhabitants. Thanks for supporting blogs and I wish you success!

Check it out...(btw..I'm Caroline Simpson).

Wow, I just listened to it again, and I sound out of it! The metro blogging guy put me to shame! It's still a great concept and you should still check it out..but please, cut me some slack! I'm enrolling in a public speaking class ASAP!

Sometimes it's hard to leave the industry

Where I'm from in the Midwest, many stay in the service industry their entire lives. There is loyalty to the place and they almost become a town celebrity. Without sounding too cliche, it is nice to go to a place where everyone knows your name..(and their always glad you came). OK, I'll stop now and just take the time to wish Phyllis Elkins a happy retirement!

Waitress Retires After 60 Years
Posted Friday, September 22, 2006 ; 03:31 PM

After waiting on some pretty famous people, one Huntington woman is hanging up her apron.
Story by Gina Long Email | Bio

Waitress Phyllis Elkins is retiring after working for Jim's Steak and Spaghetti House in downtown Huntington for 60 years.

Thursday, people poured into the restaurant to say goodbye to Elkins.

She started at Jim's when she was just 15-and-a-half years old.

She says she's been there through it all. She waited on John F. Kennedy during his campaign trip to Huntington in 1960.

In fact, she's featured in a picture of JFK over the booth where he sat.

"He came in one morning, when he was campaigning and there was about 8 or 10 other people with him. Of course, I was young enough, I didn't pay much attention to it. You know, I wasn't in politics or anything. But anyway, he was sitting over there and looked up at me and asked me if I minded having my picture taken and I told him it was my pleasure," Elkins fondly remembers.

And Elkins isn't the only one who put in some long hours at Jim's Steak and Spaghetti House.

Sharon Price retired this year after working at the restaurant for 40 years, but managers say she still comes back to help out!

Tuesday, September 19

Advice Column Question for Waitress (Not Just Any Waitress)

I came across this today and thought that it was interesting. I've put in bold some of my favorite parts. Well, actually, it is just on favorite sentence.

Advice by Marilyn Heins, M.D. : Parenting Give wayward waitress direction and cut off material support to her
Advice by Marilyn Heins, M.D.
Tucson, Arizona | Published: 09.17.2006

Q My 18-year-old granddaughter who just graduated from high school has recently gone to work in an all-nude bar as a waitress.
I am well aware that these places get the girls in the door with the lure of "big money." I understand that the dancing girls then "work" on the waitresses to earn even bigger money by becoming a dancer. Her hours are 10 p.m. to 4 a.m.!
Everybody in the family has voiced grave concern, but she refuses to listen and won't quit, even after money was offered to bail her out of her car loan.

A This is a tough problem and a difficult question to answer.
Your granddaughter is legally an adult, and "I can do what I want now" is no doubt her mantra. She should be heading for college or another way to learn how to support herself — which means health insurance and retirement benefits, not just enough money to make car payments and keep her in lattes.

The three tasks of adolescence are to learn how to support oneself, emancipate from the family of origin and find a life partner. Even though adolescence in our culture is very prolonged compared with that of a primitive society, the human brain is not completely developed for abstract thinking until age 25. So if family members say, "She's not thinking straight," they are right.

But you cannot stop her. There are few options for a caring family with a legally of age child who is on a wrong path.
You can cut off all contact.

I know there is one school of thought that holds the family should cut her off completely because what she is doing does not fit with its values. I disagree. My suggestions are to maintain contact while quietly pointing out your disapproval: "We love you, but we hate what you're doing."

Another option is to cut off all material support. If she lives at home, tell her to move out. Do not give her any money. The message again is: "We love you, but we cannot support what you're doing."

Speaking of material things, I would not have offered to pay off her car loan. If she cannot "support" her car, including payments and insurance, she will have to take the bus. I don't know what city your granddaughter lives in, but few towns have all-night bus service.

Waitressing is hard work. Going and coming home from work at these ungodly hours can not only be dangerous but can also keep her from being with friends who have normal hours. Keep hoping your granddaughter realizes this and finds another job.
The third option for a family is to do nothing or to grumble and nag, which amounts to the same thing in ineffectiveness.

I am saddened by the fact that so many of our youths graduate from high school without any plans for the future. There is a reason the words "graduation" and "commencement" are used synonymously. Graduation from high school is just the beginning. The ones who do not enter college have to work even harder on the planning process than the ones bound for college.

Saying "I'll find a job" isn't enough. That job must provide a basis for personal and financial growth. It should be a steppingstone to a better life than one can expect from the usual jobs available to teenagers.


Sunday, September 17

Waitress Accused Of Swiping Credit Card Numbers

Now I don't know how she thought she wouldn't get caught. But then again, I guess drugs can make a person do things they normally wouldn't do. I hope she is seeking treatment for her addiction and I hope she recovers.

BOSTON -- If you've eaten at the Ground Round in Salem recently, you might want to pay close attention to your credit card bill.
A waitress there is accused of swiping customers' credit card numbers to support her heroin habit.
Nicole Sekenski, 28, allegedly kept copies of customers' credit card numbers.

When other customers paid with cash, she would allegedly bill the meal to one of those credit cards and pocket the cash.
One customer said she was charged six times for the same dinner.

Click on the title for source.

Thursday, September 14

Question of the Day

Thanks to my friend that called last night and asked me this question, I didn't have to think of a good post today! I've had a hectic week, but stay tuned because I will be airing my first podcast soon! Anyways, back to the question of the day....

Do you tip on carry out from a restaurant?

No. I usually leave a couple of dollars just because I'm crazy, but it is not expected. I did work at a restaurant where a server had to ring in the take out order, box it all up and do the financial transaction (all while handling their tables)...and I appreciated if someone gave me a dollar or two for the effort. Final answer, it is not expected. Usually in this case a smile and a "thank you" are more than enough, but if you feel the urge, leave a buck or two (if you feel like someone deserves it)!

Wednesday, September 13

Hefty Lawsuit for NYC Pub

What was this pub trying to be? A modeling agency? Craziness. BTW, for those of you that are New Yorkers, would you call Sutton place a "trendy east side" bar? That kind of made me chuckle. I guess it was trendy when I was in my younger, just moved to the city, still holding on to the college days.

In all seriousness...

Now I'm not saying the girls don't have a case, but $15 million? I hear that it is standard to always shoot high. Then again, I'm still getting used to the litigious society where we live.




September 12, 2006 -- Two ex-waitresses at a trendy East Side bar are serving up a heavy-duty, $15 million sex-harassment lawsuit, accusing their former bosses of ordering female employees to be weighed as part of a bizarre scheme to keep tabs on their poundage.
"They told me I needed to get on the scale," said one of the women, Kristen McRedmond, about her humiliating experience in a manager's office at Sutton Place Bar and Restaurant in July.

"I told them I'm not going to be part of your sick game," recalled McRedmond, 27, who said she physically resisted when a beefy manager tried to pick her up to get her on the scale while another manager looked on.

"I just felt so violated."

McRedmond and fellow former Sutton Place waitress Alexandria Lipton, 25, both said the scale episode came a few weeks after a top manager at the Second Avenue watering hole had walked around with pen and pad in hand demanding to know how much all the waitresses weighed so he could record the results.

"The manager, Neil, came over to me and asked me how much I weigh. I said, 'I don't know.' He looks me up and down, and he goes, '135' . . . Then he writes down my weight," Lipton said.

Both women said only female workers were singled out for the weigh-ins and questions about their weight, and that it was done without explanation. And they claim the managers would criticize waitresses - but not waiters - for ordering fatty fried food for their own dinners.

They also claim that waitresses' individual weights were tracked on a computer spreadsheet - and the results placed on a Web site that tracked the weights of waitresses in other establishments in the city. "I've been doing sexual-harassment law for 20 years, and this has to be the most egregious case of degradation to women that I have ever seen," said the women's lawyer, Rosemarie Arnold. "It's unbelievable."

Arnold and her co-counsel, Joseph Tacopina, today are filing suit on behalf of the women in Manhattan Supreme Court against Sutton Place and its owner, Richard Kassis, as well as managers including Neil, who is listed as "Neil Doe" because his last name is unknown.

The suit accuses the defendants of sexual harassment and illegally firing McRedmond and Lipton after they were overheard complaining about the weigh-ins, which, it says, had severely upset most other female workers.

Sutton Place's lawyer, Joel Simon, denied the allegations, calling them a "nice piece of fiction," but declined to address them point by point, and also declined to say why the women were fired. "I believe that once the facts are known, it will be seen that the individuals were fired due to their own fault, and not to do with anything related to these allegations," Simon said.


Tuesday, September 12

Technology Hitting the Bar Scene

Record revenue from interactive table at student bar

Westminster University benefits from tabletop computers.

Dave Friedlos, Computing 12 Sep 2006

A trial of interactive computers that allow customers to order drinks from their seats has generated record revenue at Westminster University’s student bar Intermission.

Touchscreen computers, similar to those launched at the Ministry of Sound nightclub recently (Computing, 24 August), are embedded into the table and allow customers to order drinks, play games and flirt electronically by sending gifts to other tables.

Student union vice president of communications Rayhan Omar says the system will go live when the new term starts next week.

‘We held a trial event to identify any potential problems, but instead took £5,000 at the bar from a crowd of 500,’ he said.

The computers are differences from those installed at the Ministry of Sound and include the ability to order taxis, communicate with the university radio station to make music requests and receive information about the union’s activities.

The computers could generate additional revenue, Omar says, as people don’t have to queue for drinks and the bar can charge for some games and quizzes.

Customers can also use a debit card to pay for a radio frequency identification (RFID) card that they can wave in front of any tabletop computer to buy extra drinks.

Intermission shares revenue generated by the screens with vendor Escapism, which provided the computers for free, as transactions are processed by separate tills.

Analyst Verdict Research consulting director Neil Saunders says the technology could help streamline service and prove convenient for customers who are often deterred from buying more drinks because of large crowds.


Monday, September 11

In Remembrance

It goes without saying that today is a day of remembrance and prayer. We lost individuals that came from all walks of life, and in their time on earth they provided a service to this world. The service may have been in the literal sense or figuratively, but they all left this world in the same way, heroes.

Five years ago today, the highest grossing restaurant in the United States, Windows on the World, lost 72 employees and 100 guests having breakfast. The restaurant was 50,000 square feet of elegant space on the 106th and 107th floors of the North Tower. We remember you today.

Saturday, September 9

The things you find on myspace

I was browsing around on myspace and came across this on a bulletin (thanks to "The truth"). I'm not sure who these seven bartenders are, but they had some accurate observations.

Seven New York City bartenders were asked if they could determine a woman's personality based on what she drinks. Though interviewed separately, they concurred on almost all counts.

The results. If the woman drinks:

1. Drink: Beer
Her Personality: Causal, low-maintenance; down to earth.
His Approach: Challenge her to a game of pool.

2. Drink: Blender Drinks
Her Personality: Flaky, whiny, annoying; a pain in the butt.
His Approach: Avoid her, unless you want to be her cabana boy.

3. Drink: Mixed Drinks
Her Personality: Older, more refined, high maintenance, has very picky taste; knows EXACTLY what she wants.
His Approach: You won't have to approach her. If she's interested, she'll send YOU a drink.

4. Drink: Wine (does not include White Zinfandel)
Her Personality: Conservative and classy; sophisticated yet giggles.
His Approach: Tell her you love to travel and spend quiet evenings with friends.

5. Drink: White Zinfandel
Her Personality: Easy; thinks she is classy and sophisticated, actually, she has NO clue.
His Approach: Make her feel smarter than she is... this should be an easy target.

6. Drink: Shots
Her Personality: Likes to hang with frat-boy pals and looking to get totally drunk... and naked.
His Approach: Easiest hit in the joint. You have been blessed. Nothing to do but wait, however, DO NOT make her mad!

7. Drink: Tequila
No explanations required - everyone just KNOWS what happens there.

Friday, September 8

Are You A Waitress?

Are you a waitress? It doesn't matter if you are a server in NYC or Idaho, I want you to be featured on Tip Or Tat!

Email me at to be featured.

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While you are at it, become a part of my myspace community at!

Remember, how you treat a waitress says a lot about who you are!

CBS Fashion Rocks

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
sorry about what I call an "abstract"'s all I got...

I journeyed to the CBS Fashion Rocks show last night in NYC..If you are planning on watching it tonight and don't want to spoil it, then don't read this. Actually I'm not telling you anything that isn't in the promo ads, so read away!

It was a mob scene to get in (like most of these events are), we finally entered and stood in line to get a drink. Right as we got to the bar, they closed the bar. Awesome. I needed a drink so very badly. I lingered until the manager left and the nice bartender served me up two vodka's on the rocks (what? I said I needed a drink). Elton John was the curator of the fashion/music festivities. All in all, I was pretty impressed with all the artists there. Beyonce, Jay-Z, Christina Aguilera, Kanye West, Nelly Furtado, Pussy Cat Dolls, Scissor Sisters, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and Bon Jovi (I"m sure I'm forgetting someone). Oh yeah, and Fergie with the Black Eyed Peas, who actually put on a great show.

All I have to say that it is a good thing this show isn't live. The stage changes were a little too time consuming and in excess. The show lasted over three hours (thank goodness to all of you with tivo)...Although I'm sure the editing will condense it to make it a seamless show. There were a couple of mishaps (like Drea de Matteo flubbing her lines and they had to do retakes..)

Wait...I forgot to mention anything that pertains to this blog. Ummm, the after party had really great margaritas served on a bar made of ice. The bartender was great. I told him a needed a drink badly and he got my drift (I could tell we were on the same page). Anyways, I don't always "need drinks badly"...just an FYI (mom).

Thursday, September 7

Timbaland didn't talk much but he tipped!

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Timbaland, best known for being a hip hop producer, visited a NYC midtown hotel bar the other day. He didn't speak much and sort of just made "huh" noises to the server while she presented them with a $145 bottle of wine. He didn't speak much to the guy and two girls that accompanied him. The bar comped the wine out of generosity and he left a $45 tip (props to T because most celebs that get comped just walk out). He then drove off in his $350,000 Maybac by Mercedes and left behind a trail of fans.

Thanks to beautiful JL for the tip!

Waitress gets tip of a lifetime

This made my morning.

By Dean Jacobs/Tribune Staff
Juli Remsey has three loves in her life — her children, Jenn, 16, Jami, 13, and Jason, 11. OK, maybe there is a fourth — sports.

As a single mom, going to her children’s sporting events fills her life.

“We bond through sports,” she said.

She and Jason had a special bonding experience Saturday, thanks to a customer where Juli works, Martini’s restaurant in downtown Fremont.

A few weeks ago, she was sharing with the customer her son’s interest in Jaycee football. The customer asked if she had ever taken him to a Nebraska game.

“A single parent on a waitress salary, man, I don’t think it’s going to happen,” replied the waitress with 25 years experience.

Jason Remsey and his mother, Juli, of Fremont enjoy the Nebraska-Louisiana Tech game Saturday afternoon in Lincoln. Juli, a waitress at Martini’s in downtown Fremont, was given the tickets as a tip from one of her customers so she could take her son to his first Husker game. - Dean Jacobs/Fremont Tribune
A couple of weeks later the same customer returned to have a cup of tea. After he left, Juli went over to clean the table and found a white envelope. In it she found two tickets to the Nebraska-Louisiana Tech game with a note attached: “Have a great time at the game.”

“I started shaking and almost crying when I opened up the envelope,” Juli said.

She was barely able to contain herself when she picked up Jason after school.

“It was killing me not to tell him right away,” she said.

Once in the house, Juli sat Jason down at the kitchen table for a talk. She eased the pre-teen’s concerns by saying it was time they spent a Saturday together. With that, she slid the envelope across the table and the tickets popped out.

“No way, Mom. Are these real?” he asked.

They were. On Saturday, Juli and Jason joined the thousands of other Nebraska fans inside Memorial Stadium.

“It was pretty cool,” Jason said of his first game. “I didn’t know it would be so loud.”

“My friends know my kids are my life, so for someone to do something like this for me is beyond words,” Juli said.

“We’re just so grateful, maybe this is God’s way of showing there’s still good people in the world,” she added.


Wednesday, September 6

Overheard in a Bar

Overheard at a VMA after party...

Girl 1: "Isn't that the guy from Jackass?"

Girl 2: "Ya."

Girl 1: "Why isn't he wearing a shirt?"

Girl 2: "Because he's a jackass."

Tuesday, September 5

Being Denied As A Celebrity

First it was Tara Reid, now Paris Hilton. Paris was denied entry into NYC's exclusive Bungalow 8 last Thursday after the VMA's. She was accompanied by dirty mouth Brandon Davis, who was also denied I assume. It has been a rough couple of weeks at the door for certain celebrities. It's OK Paris, the first time I got denied I was pretty upset too. However, Ms. Reid, you can't be caught on video completely trashed outside a club one week (that was aired allover the blogosphere) and then show up the next week at the same place and be surprised that they don't part the sea for you. Remember, these are bars with strict rules and regulations by the government.

Watch Tara Reid get denied in the first video (at Hyde in L.A.) and then click on the link to watch the one the week prior. Maybe after watching the second one she'll realize why she didn't get in...

Hey. I've got an idea! Why don't you girls (yes, you Tara and Paris) become cocktail waitresses at the clubs? Then, you'll never have a problem getting in...It works like a charm!

Click here for the second video.

Celebrity Guess Who?

Today the celebrity guess who item is from Page Six

WHICH rapper who's uncooperative with cops is also uncooperative with cocktail waitresses? He doesn't like to tip...

I'm stumped and usually I'm pretty good at this....What do you think?