Tuesday, September 5

Being Denied As A Celebrity

First it was Tara Reid, now Paris Hilton. Paris was denied entry into NYC's exclusive Bungalow 8 last Thursday after the VMA's. She was accompanied by dirty mouth Brandon Davis, who was also denied I assume. It has been a rough couple of weeks at the door for certain celebrities. It's OK Paris, the first time I got denied I was pretty upset too. However, Ms. Reid, you can't be caught on video completely trashed outside a club one week (that was aired allover the blogosphere) and then show up the next week at the same place and be surprised that they don't part the sea for you. Remember, these are bars with strict rules and regulations by the government.

Watch Tara Reid get denied in the first video (at Hyde in L.A.) and then click on the link to watch the one the week prior. Maybe after watching the second one she'll realize why she didn't get in...

Hey. I've got an idea! Why don't you girls (yes, you Tara and Paris) become cocktail waitresses at the clubs? Then, you'll never have a problem getting in...It works like a charm!

Click here for the second video.


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