Sunday, November 19

It's Thanksgiving time..

You lucky readers are going to get another Indiana edition of Tip or Tat. Which means yet another year that I live in NYC and I've still never seen the Macy's day parade. Oh well. I promise that I'll be posting more frequently, so much more to look forward to! (shut up.) I mean I'll try my best to keep it entertaining.

Safe travels!


Blogger Sean Carter said...

Hey if you want some cool info and news on Thanksgiving then just check out my Thanksgiving Blog sometime and enjoy all it's got to offer....have a great Thanksgiving...and hope this year you can catch a glimpse of the parade!!!!

11/20/2006 1:19 AM  
Anonymous Gail said...

Welcome back to Indiana! I was recently in NYC and sorely missed my Miller Lite...but I loved it otherwise!

11/22/2006 2:46 PM  

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