Friday, August 25

Is bottle service the real problem?


Personally, I think that blaming it on bottle service is silly. Things are going to happen at any venue that serves alcohol whether in bottles at tables or penny pitchers. To make things safer, waitresses and bouncers need to cut people off when they are getting out of control. Also, in general as individuals, we need to be more accountable for our friends when we are out.

Some people need to simmer down..

Some of you that keep commenting and emailing me need to simmer down. I know a lot of you get very worked up about this tipping issue.

Here's how it is, I was a server, many who come here are servers and this site is called Tip Or Tat. If you don't like what we say, then click your mouse to another site! There are no hidden agendas here. I don't understand the need to use profanity and if you don't like our "lowly server" posts, move on.

As I said before, I'm a big believer in karma. And all of you haters out there are just proving my point that how you treat a waitress says a lot about who you are! Look how some of you have been treating this site, and I haven't even served you!

I love hearing different viewpoints, but the profanity is unnecessary. Or should I say, it is quite lowly of you...

Thursday, August 24

Busy Waitress

It's something like this for twelve hours....

Wednesday, August 23

B.O.D. (Bartender of the Day)

Name: Christopher
Where do you work: Trendy NYC club in the meatpacking district.
Sign (sorry, I had to ask): Taurus
What do you drink when you go out? In the summer, Hanger 1 vodka (preferably Kaffir Lime) with soda. In the winter, crown and ginger ale.
Worst pick up ling from a girl while you were working? Can I touch your hair?
Biggest tip ever: $1,000
Celeb you'd most like to serve? George
Clooney or Jessica Biel.

If you'd like to be a BOD or WOD send me an email at!

Question of the Day

If a server comps you a round, do you add an extra tip?

It is really your discretion and it depends on why the drinks were comped. Most fellow servers I know pay what the drinks would have cost in the tip (I do too)....I'll be the first to admit that that is a little crazy, but it is what we do to sort of build camaraderie. If you don't want to do that, a little extra is appreciated for the extra generosity.

If they were comping due to a mistake...that is a different story. It is not looked at as bad if you don't tip on those drinks. The server is trying to get in good graces with you because of a mistake they made.

Extra tips are due only with outstanding service. Again, outstanding service is up for debate. I can tell you that a waitress, ex waitress or anyone in the service industry will have a different view point than one that has never worked in the industry.

Tuesday, August 22

Things You Learn When You Are A Waitress (Or Were Taught By Awesome Parents)..

To carry cash when you go out with friends so that the waitress doesn't to have to split the bill on 12 different credit cards.

If you don't tip on the first round, it will be harder to get a drink the second.

To talk down to a server is rude and happens more than you think (so be respectful!)..

Be prepared to start a tab, and offer a credit card if needed (don't give the server a hard time, they are doing their job!)...

N.Y.'s oldest bartender tells drinking stories

NEW YORK (AP) -- Marilyn Monroe came Wednesdays for lunch and ordered a Beefeater martini, very dry. Danny Kaye pulled his jacket over his head to avoid being recognized. Judy Garland sat in a corner drinking Johnnie Walker Red.

"Judy Garland, very sad," said Hoy Wong. "She always had a cocktail glass in her hand."

Wong, or Mr. Hoy, as he is known, has been working as a bartender for 58 years.

He got a job in a bar in 1948 at a now-defunct Chinese restaurant called Freeman Chum. It was there that he encountered Monroe, Garland and other notables including Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin and Bob Hope. "They were all nice people," he said.

There were more famous faces at the Algonquin Hotel, where Wong has worked since 1979. Once, he recalled, a woman sitting at the bar next to Anthony Quinn got so nervous she shook.

Wong is about to be feted by the Algonquin, on the occasion of his 90th birthday. Unless another candidate steps forward, his bosses seem safe in calling him the city's oldest bartender.

"He never misses a day," said Bill Liles, the Algonquin's general manager. "If the weather's bad he shows up early. It's just really an honor to work with someone like Mr. Hoy."


Monday, August 21

Venue of the Day

This bi-level club in NYC has staying power. From Pdiddy to Paris, they all have visited and they keep coming back. Guess that venue!!

What we REALLY think of what you order...

Cosmo...As a female, you really like Sex and the City, or you know people that really like Sex and the City. As a male, mmmm well, you don't just secretly like Sex and the City, you REALLY like it too...

Long Island Ice Tea....I.D. Please?

Sour Apple Martini...I can't really go there...

Chardonnay...As a female, you want white wine, but you don't know the names others, or you're my mom. As a male, you really like chardonnay, or just how it sounds when you say it....

Greyhound...As a female, you think it sounds better than just saying what it really is (vodka and grapefruit juice)...As a male, ya, same thing...

Out of curiosity....

Out of the beers below, which do you prefer?
Miller Light
Coors Light
Bud Light
Amstel Light
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