Saturday, July 15

Athletes are Good Tippers

I found in my career as a waitress that athletes (usually) are great tippers. I got a tip off that some of the Chicago White Sox players were out in NYC the other night and they didn't disappoint. The word was that they were such gentlemen and excellent tippers! I'm a cubs fan, but that sure made me appreciate the White Sox!

(Thanks for the tip off sl!:)

Thursday, July 13

St. Tropez!

So it is my first time visiting St. Tropez, and it so far has exceeded expectations. We had dinner at a restaurant, club and high end boutique all in one (Villa Romana). It isn't a rare occasion to go to the bathroom and be stopped my a man dressed as a pirate. Usually he can get you to come out dressed in a different (sexier) outfit. I myself got talked into it, but those pics will not make this post. Every few minutes the lights would go down and the star wars theme song would start to play as a table ordered a bottle of Cristal champagne which was adorned with sparklers. Service was amazing, especially from Luciano who took a liking to our table of young men.

After a ridiculously expensive tab (as they are all here) we headed to the club Les Caves (remember Taradise with Tara Reid?). As basically the only club in the town, it was packed with a gorgeous crowd.

Today holds more fun as we do our first three hour lunch at club 55 (where Pam Anderson was spotted yesterday). I'll let you know how that goes!

Brilliant marketing on cigarette boxes.
Seriously, this is the biggest bottle of vodka I've ever seen!

Overheard in Bar

Conversation heard at Double Seven in NYC...

Guy #1: "So, are you going to talk to (insert girls name)?"
Guy #2: "I don't know. There are a lot of hot girls here."
Guy #1: "Ya. She has a big ass anyways."

No Joke. And you wonder why we are jaded?

Wednesday, July 12

Venue of the day: Bar in cave

The clubs in the Amalfi Coast of Italy are quite unique and impressive. Most are carved into the side of a cliff making it a dark and cool cave bar. The exotic lighting and seaside decor add to the allure. There are circular glass floor panels that look to the water below. One club even had a wishing well where you could drop rose petals into the water, and walk down a stairwell to watch them trickle out to sea. The entire back edge of the club looked out to the ocean with just a slight railing separating you from a 50ft. drop into the water. It is unbelievable that this would exist in a nightclub due to liability. Of course, that would only be a concern in our litigious society. It's too bad that so many laws prevent us from having such amazing venues.

Tuesday, July 11

Because How You Treat A Waitress Says A Lot About Who You Are...

Do you work in the service industry? If you don't, do you want to know what we see on the other end? From celebrity divas to the hottest new venues, tip or tat will be the voice of those that work behind the spotlight to take care of those in it. Join my Myspace service community at to connect with other professionals or support the service industry!

Monday, July 10

I now know why Europeans hate Americans...

So I used to never get it. Why do they not like us? Well, after a few bottles of wine (shots of vodka, lemon stuff, and whatever else we drank), I now know why. We are obnoxious. We travel to their country of leisure and tear it apart. We get drunk and rowdy and we demonstrate no self control. So you guys don't tip...and now I understand (sort of). When we visit your country you tolerate our crap and guess what? We don't have to tip, so there is nothing to make up for it. Not that we are even, but I know now why you think we are the "stupid Americans." So I guess it is sort of like tit for tat. Today I'll call it a truce, but I'm sure tomorrow will be a different story.

I'm a Lucky Ex Waitress

I asked for a flag, and this is what I got. It is the drink of the day! However, I unfortunately was not in a state to find out what was in this fabulous cocktail.

Italy wins!! Celebration on the street!

I got to be in Italy last night for their victory over France in the world cup. The Amalfi Coast is usually a sleepy town, but not on this night!

Recap of Great Service in Corsica, France

Remarkable service.

Remarkable food presentation.

Cool light up trays...

Genius shot presentation...(easy to carry)!

Waiter...yes, waiter serves all drinks. Ladies, that's how it always should be:)

Forgive me father, I need a drink.

These are the uniforms of the day. I was suppose to have hot waitress uniforms, but there aren't any waitresses here. The waiters and bartenders and the Plaza Athenee in Paris work in priest hot is that? (not meant to offend anyone...I went to a catholic school, so I get it...:)

Sunday, July 9

_io arriv Italia!

I just arrived in Italy. The amalfi coast is breathtaking!!

The game tonight of France vs. Italy is the talk of the town. Details to follow.