Monday, December 18

Seriously, go for it!

I know when you are comfortable, it is hard to get up and change jobs or careers. However, the bottom line is that at some point you just have to. I feel like for most people it is a confidence issue. You know you can do something better, so honestly, just do it! It is easier said than done, but you never know unless you try!

The Good Girls: Experienced waitress should consider an upgrade to manager

Dear Good Girls: I've been working as a waitress and bartender for 30 years. We don't get benefits and it's been that way all my life.

I think I'm a very good waitress and everyone I have ever worked with says I'm a very hard worker. I raised my children and I'm married, but just don't make enough money to make my payments. Right now I make about $20 to $25 some days and $40 others. But it sure doesn't add up to much once you pay your taxes and turn in tips. How can I get the money I deserve?

Dear Reader: It's time you gave yourself a raise, either by switching jobs or employers. The food-service industry is in dire need of management-level people, according to Mary Adolf, president of the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, based in Chicago. Your experience in the operational and hospitality area is "greatly sought after and appreciated" in managers, she says.

Want to stick with waitressing? Look for restaurants that have higher check averages so the tips are better, or other food-service organizations, such as colleges and hospitals, where employees are entitled to benefits. With your solid skills and experience and a little effort, you should be able to cook up a more lucrative opportunity.



Anonymous Kyle Korleski said...

Yeah. If I would have stayed in the United States, I would still be making minimum wage flipping burgers. Now I am in Canada and I have a web design job and 3 offers from other companies in this province alone.

12/31/2006 3:03 AM  

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