Thursday, November 30

Guess Who?

Ok..I've been getting a lot of slack for my lack of attention to Tip Or Tat. I'm so sorry and I'm looking for someone to help out....Know anyone?

Anyways, to hold you all over...

Which legend of an athlete is dreaded by the service community all over the country for his lack of appreciation of service? This champion bull is known to run up thousands of dollars worth of tabs (that are usually comped) and then walks out leaving nothing (and usually with a bad attitude)! I've asked this before but didn't get too many responses...

Guess who?


Anonymous a.roberson said...

I like the hint you dropped about him being a 'bull', so that immediately makes me think of Michael Jordan, but I've never heard anything of him having an attitude, so I will say Dennis Rodman. The reason time, roughly 2-3yrs ago, I was helping out at my buddy's car stereo shop (here in Cali.) and he landed a contract to do Dennis' cars. My friend was star-struck and scared to work on his limo, in fear of damaging it, so I stepped up and took over the project. We re-did the entire sound system and t.v/dvd install, and it really came out nice (I wish I could say the same for the inside of his limo. It seemed like he was living in it)and it had nice, colorful up-to-date audio and video equipment. The only thing that bastard could say was, 'I don't like's too complicated'. Mind you, the reason why he brought us the limo in the first place was because his other equip. was old and out dated, so what was I supposed to do? Basically, he complained to the star-struck owner, and got the whole system done for less than half price, and needless to say, although he acted like he didn't like the install, he rides that limo all around Newport Beach and Hollywood weekly...and no, I did NOT get a tip or a thank you and hand my answer is Dennis Weirdman...I mean Rodman ;-)

12/01/2006 6:32 PM  
Blogger jacheree said...

Oh damn. I was gonna say Jordan too. But as stated above, I've never heard anything about him bein a jackass like that soo... I don't know! I guess I'll take a wild stab and say Jordan anyway. *giggle*

12/03/2006 12:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is absolutely not Michael Jordan. He is an excellent tipper. The obvious guess is No Tippin' Pippen but he is a very sweet guy.

12/05/2006 3:30 AM  

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