Friday, August 11

Keepin it Real...

My friend just shared this with me and it really made my day...Enjoy! If you haven't seen where this video originated, I'll try to post it soon. It started on SNL with a Lazy Sunday rap about NYC, and since then many have made versions it other areas (LA, Indiana, the south). This video is a rap about east coast (Connecticut, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard and such!)

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Drink of the Day

In honor of Indiana, have a miller light today. Caught drinking anything else here (at least according to my family) is just not right. In NYC it is hard to get at a bar, and if you can get it it's about $6-8. I'll enjoy mine here for $2.50.

Thursday, August 10

I Need A Cocktail!

As I'm sure you all will be so saddened, I will not be posting for rest of today and until tomorrow around noon. This picture was the security line a LGA when I pulled up to catch my flight (yes, it was outside and looped around four times. I fortunately made it to my destination and need a drink. Cheers!

Safe Travels!

Tip or Tat Hits the Midwest

Starting today Tip or Tat will be posting from the Midwest. Why you ask? I am heading home for my 10 year class reunion. Crazy right? Looking forward to some good dish from the middle of America where you can still smoke in bars (at least for now!).

Thursday Trivia

What is the oldest bar in Manhattan?

UPDATE: Although it is widely debated, most concede that it is McSorley's:)

Wednesday, August 9

Lance Eats Out of the Garnish Tray

I served Lance Armstrong back when he still hung out with a woman, Sheryl Crow. I was always more excited to wait on an accomplished athlete than a celeb. Anyways, it was a party for Crow's crew, and I served them red wine the entire evening. They were both extremely nice and down to earth.

Ironically, yesterday, I talked about when guests eat out of the bartenders garnish tray. I made it clear that it is a no-no, and today I still think that. However, before Lance left the bar that evening, he came up and chatted with us and grabbed a couple of orange slices out of the garnish tray to eat. For some reason (okay, I know why, it was Lance), this did not phase me. I even took his dirty tissue (he had a cold) from his hand and threw it away!

I guess there are exceptions to any rule (except paying the tab and tipping). Lance, you can eat out of a garnish tray at a bar in front of me anytime! Besides, the guy has earned it! No word on his eating habits with his new buddy Matthew McConaughey.

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Venue of the Day

The venue of today serve their cocktails in these teacups. Located in NYC, this room is underground and back through a hallway.

Guess that venue!

Tuesday, August 8

What is Bottle Service?

If you don't live in a metro area, you may not know what bottle service is all about. This video shows what it looks like and how it works.

When the Garnish Tray is a Buffet

I'm sure if you work in a bar you've seen what I'm about to talk about. A guest sitting at the bar, who starts reaching in the garnish tray and eating the fruit as it was their main course of the day. I always think of the movie Pretty Woman when Kit is putting fruit from the garnish tray on a napkin and the bartender yells, "this ain't a buffet Kit!"

The truth of the matter is, it is pretty gross. I admit that sometimes when I've worked a twelve hour shift, I've been known to eat a piece of fruit to avoid passing out. But a rule of thumb from now on to those of you sitting at the bar....Don't eat out of the garnish tray! It's not a buffet!

Monday, August 7

Cuba Has a Little Entitlement/Temper Issue

According to Page Six:

CUBA Gooding Jr. is as unlucky in night clubs as he is in picking good scripts. The for mer A-lister stormed out of Stereo Thursday after being seated at what he thought was sub par VIP seating.

According to our source:

On another note, he has also been known to get quite angry if you ask him if he is married.

Advice to Cuba: Be grateful they accommadated you with a table (which I'm sure you were getting free alcohol too), and have fun. That is why you go to nightclubs in the first place. I know you are a celebrity, but if you haven't noticed yet, there are more celebs in this world than you. :)

Check this out!

Student 'fired as waitress after refusing boss sex'


According to the

A POLISH law student working as a waitress in Scotland has claimed she was sacked from her job after refusing to have sex with her employer.

Sylvia Wasilewska, 22, came to Edinburgh in June 2005 to try to find summer work to help pay for her course at Warsaw University. She told an employment tribunal that she took a job at Trattoria Siciliana restaurant in Union Street.

She said that on her second day at work, the owner of the restaurant, Salvatore Consoli, grabbed her by the face and told her he wanted to sleep with her.

She told the tribunal the harassment worsened, with Mr Consoli, 60, "constantly" pestering her. She said he even offered her money to sleep with him.

Ms Wasilewska told the hearing in Edinburgh that Mr Consoli's advances were so relentless she secretly taped his proposals as evidence for police.

And she claimed he fired her after she refused to join him in a threesome with another waitress, after Ms Wasilewska did not contradict him when he suggested she was a lesbian.

She said she had not denied it because she hoped it might "put him off" her.

At the tribunal yesterday Ms Wasilewska said Mr Consoli used "every possible pretext" to touch her bottom and rub against her.

She said she had initially been delighted to get the job. But on her second day Mr Consoli held her face and tried to kiss her, telling her, "I want to f*** you."

Ms Wasilewska said she was shocked and told Mr Consoli she did not want to sleep with him. But he refused to take no for an answer.

Ms Wasilewska has now launched the legal action against Mr Consoli, claiming that he sexually discriminated against her.

Ms Wasilewska claims she was frightened to go to the police because Mr Consoli forced her to work illegally without National Insurance.

Eventually she decided to do so. She said she wanted "strong evidence to take to the police" so she hid a tape recorder in her handbag when she accepted a lift home from Mr Consoli.

Ms Wasilewska finally left the job on 15 August, 2005.

Mr Consoli's solicitor, Christine McMenamin, said Ms Wasilewska had been sacked for behaving inappropriately with staff and customers, often asking them for their phone numbers.

Ms Wasilewska denied the claims. Mr Consoli denies all allegations made against him.