Sunday, November 19

It's Thanksgiving time..

You lucky readers are going to get another Indiana edition of Tip or Tat. Which means yet another year that I live in NYC and I've still never seen the Macy's day parade. Oh well. I promise that I'll be posting more frequently, so much more to look forward to! (shut up.) I mean I'll try my best to keep it entertaining.

Safe travels!

Zellweger misses being a humble waitress

My first thought was, yeah right. But then I started to think about it and how I'm now a retired waitress, and I too miss it on some days. I guess you can always find positives in every experience.

SHE makes millions a movie but Renee Zellweger reckons she isn't as happy as when she was a humble waitress.

The Texan actress says: "I did some work on a farm and in a bar - they were the happiest times in my life - I had no worries apart from serving tables."

And the Cinderella Man star, 37, hates all the attention: "Why am I not a 'look at me' girl? When I face walking on the red carpet before a premiere, I am terrified by the wall of photographers screaming my name. It is so violent.

"When I first went to Hollywood, I remember working for two years in a bar. I was happy when all I had to worry about was the labels on the bottles."

We'll drink to that...