Monday, January 8

Question of the Day

This was submitted by a Tip OR Tat reader...

"I recently took my girlfriend out for a great meal. Food, wine and service were great. For some reason a couple of days later I was telling a coworker about the place and how much the bill had come out to with tip. I then realized that I may have inadvertently undertipped! The bill was $200 ($60 of which was wine and around $15 was tax). I'm trying to justify it by saying I left enough without wine for tip, but I don't feel right. What do I do?"

This is a very good question. Everyone knows, accidents happen. I too have done something similar. There are a couple different ways you can handle this...

To be honest, the server has probably forgotten about it by this point. If you don't feel right, and you do plan on frequenting the restaurant, (assuming you remember the server) you should go back and give them a little more tip. That is a classy move.

But at the end of the day, it was an honest mistake, and you should forgive yourself!! At least you left something!

I always believe in doing what is best for you...If going back and leaving more will set your mind at ease, then get in the car and go! Otherwise, you should let it go:)

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