Friday, September 1

Weekly Roundup

College is back in session and the bars are overflowing with students. One bartender dished that they upped the 32 oz mug beer price from 10 cents to 25 cents (still an amazing deal, don't you agree?). One student complained that he never was coming back because 15 cents is an outrage! Oh yeah, and he stiffed the bartender too. The night had a continuous hour wait to get in, so I guess some people don't mind paying 25 cents for a beer!

The MTV VMA's hit NYC in full force. Celebs seemed to be on their best behavior. (Although I haven't heard all the recaps from last night!)

I found out Miller Lite isn't made in the USA (I know! Check the can to see for yourself!). I'm still letting that one set in. Thanks to the nice execs at Bud that filled me in and treated me to Budweiser Select all night!

However, Nick Lachey is still a fan of Miller Lite. He says he likes the taste (I'm still right there with ya, but those Bud's were pretty good!)

Stay dry and have a great holiday weekend!

Thursday, August 31

Bartender gets $10,000 tip on $26 tab

HUTCHINSON, Kan. - Two weeks ago, one of Cindy Kienow's regular customers left her a $100 tip on a tab that wasn't even half that. This week, he added a couple of zeros.

Kienow, a bartender at Applebee's, got a $10,000 tip from the man — for a $26 meal — on Sunday.

"I couldn't move," Kienow said. "I didn't know what to say. He said, `This will buy you something kind of nice, huh?' And I said, `Yeah, it will.'"


Thanks EM for the tip!

Celebrity Guess Who?

Which boyband alumni and his newly publicized boyfriend were drinking grey goose vodka at One Little W12th in NYC? L.C. from the Hills and Shannon Elizabeth also stopped by the table. The boys were both extremely handsome in person and seemed to be having a great time.

No word if they tipped well..I think the alcohol was probably comped.

Wednesday, August 30

Thursday Trivia (A day early)...

I sat next to a very wise and knowledgeable man yesterday at my local coffee shop. He shared with me many interesting facts.

Do you know why fast food is called fast food?

It got the name because back when it fist came to be, it was the first time you paid for your food before you received it. huh.

Tuesday, August 29

Question of the Day??

One of you wrote a comment wondering what the odds of a waitress calling you if you leave your number for her on a napkin.

So, what are the odds of a waitress calling you if you leave you number on a napkin?

I would say odds aren't great. Unless you won her over, which I'm not going to say didn't happen...but she better have more than just smiled at you when she dropped off your drinks (we do that with everyone..:). I'm talking about chemistry folks. If you think you feel that, then why not? I personally think leaving your number on the credit card receipt is a better way to go. sure to leave a good tip. Are you laughing? I'm serious, I've had gentlemen ask me out all night...I was nice, of course and gave great service, and they left me an awful tip with their phone number! Not that I would have called anyway, but please! If you want to date a waitress you better at least be a decent tipper!

Monday, August 28

Hmmm...Hooter Girl Rodeo

I have a question...Do the waitresses really do this at Hooters (please let me know)? If so, does it generate better tips? If not, is it at least fun?...I mean, I don't kind of looks fun doesn't it?

Poll time again...

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