Wednesday, September 27

Ed Norton Sticks Up for waitress

(Took place in a NYC eatery)

Norton visited the restaurant around 10 pm last week (Friday) with a date.
Hardly anyone noticed him because he doesn't aim to be noticed--he's
not flashy and neither was his date (although the source said both
"looked hot").

Anyway, the restaurant is small and always crowded, so
they were at a table right in the middle of the action. A female server
waited on them and on a all-male party of ten right next to them. The
all-male party was really demanding, drunk, and totally inappropriate
with the waitress. Two of them in particular were overtly sexual with
her. She asked them to stop and they cooled off for a while, but
continued soon after.

Apparently, Norton alerted the manager of the
problem before the waitress had the chance, so the two harassers got
kicked out and the rest of the party soon followed. After they
cleared, Norton said, "I apologize for my gender. Sorry you had to
endure that." She thanked him for talking to the manager.

Another party of mixed company filled the formerly all-male table and two of
the women recognized Norton and said their hellos and said they were fans. When the waitress returned to the table next to Norton's, the woman told her that Edward asked her to tell her entire table to be extra nice to my waitress because she had just been waiting on a group of sexist pigs!

The rest of the evening was quiet; Norton and his date were there for
about an hour and a half. Their bill was around $100 and Norton left
$200 in cash.

Thanks Ed! We appreciate it!

Thanks AC for the tip!

UPDATE: This story is from an actual employee at the publicists were involved! Amazing that all of you question this!

Tuesday, September 26

Lindsay Lohan is NOT Below Service

Word is that Ms. Lohan went to a lavish party in the English Countryside a couple weeks back with boyfriend (or ex) Harry Morton. Lindsay was obsessively cleaning the mansion in front of other party goers. Every time someone put down a glass, she picked it up and wiped the table. She made some comment that glasses on the table really bothered her. She also asked if she could assist in the DJ duties for the entire evening. What a little miss helper!

I'm glad to know that when she is out and about she is cleaning up after herself and others. She sounds like she'd make a great waitress. Wonder why so obsessive? Hmm.

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