Friday, August 4

Matt Damon and Fellow Ex Bartender Luciana

Matt Damon and wife Luciana Bozan take a stroll in NYC with new addition Isabella. Matt met Luciana when she was a bartender at Crobar in Miami when he was filming Stuck on You. Beautiful bartender + Beautiful movie star = Beautiful family!

Celebrity Guess Who?

Which singer/actress, who sometimes used to be compared to a young Whitney Houston, once payed a bill with cash wadded up in balls all over the table? At the time she was with her first husband/boyfriend (it hasn't been figured out yet what he was), and they are reportedly back together. She is most known currently for being a judge on a contest show.

Drink of the Day: Sex on the Beach

Sorry, but I'm feeling a little nostaligic for college. And, it is kind of healthy because of the juices. The beach does sound awful nice today too. Ok, I'm tired of justifying it. Just make it!


peach schnapps
cranberry juice
pineapple juice
orange juice

Mix 1 oz. of each liquer into a shaker with ice followed by about 2 oz. of each of each juice. On a day like today shake it well to make it extra cold. Usually you strain the beverage into a glass, but I personally keep the ice and just poor into a glass. If you don't have a shaker, just stir until cool.

Thursday, August 3

Nic Cage and His Ex Waitress Bride

Nicolas Cage and wife Alison Kim looked great at the premiere for Nic's new movie "World Trade Center" in NYC.

I'm sure he is a good tipper. Kim actually waited on him at a sushi restaurant and then they were married, so I'm assuming he tipped her well. If not, I'm sure he has learned from her. Has anyone waited on them?

Guess that Venue!

Watch the video and guess that video!

Once the clubplanet grey screen comes to a still, you must click the curser on the time lapse bar to continue to play the video.

The Curse of the Black American Express

I remember the first time I was given one. I had no idea what this card was or what the "status" was that came with it. Besides, I was new to New York, and I had just gotten my fifth visa card with some silly flowers on it. I had never seen such a card so sleek!

I was filled in pretty quick that this card represents status, money and such... I know. I know. Some of you are like, "who cares, its a card." However, there are some people that REALLY care. I'm pretty over that sort of thing myself, but that is just because I've dated too many men in this town (tangent). Not to mention the fact that I could probably never get one.

Anyways, some of the girls I worked with always said it was a curse. In my experience it was. I would say that almost 75% of the black cards I received, I did not get tipped well. By saying not well, I actually mean hardly any tip at all.

The titanium black card really threw me for a loop too! I also was not tipped well by both of those patrons :( (...for all of you thinking maybe my service wasn't was. I take a lot of pride in serving people). So, let me know your experiences!! Is the black amex a curse? What I mean by a curse is that you don't get tipped well if you get calm down black card holders...this question is for the servers!

Thanks beautiful A.L. for the pic and S.B. for the card!

Wednesday, August 2

P.I.N.K. Vodka on Howard Stern

My favorite new liquor was a guest on Howard Stern today! Howard personally endorsed the caffeine and guarana infused vodka. If you haven't tried it, what are you waiting for? It has all the intensity without adding the unwanted flavor of an energy drink. Also, check out the company's cool website at

This just in...

After Howard had p.i.n.k. vodka on the show, it was on abc news as one of the top google searchs of the day. Check it out at

Star Better Not Let Him Go!

It was circulating around media junkets that Al is divorcing Star. Star came out with a statement saying that it is a falsehood.

The real deal is that Al is an awesome person to wait on and wonderful tipper and every gal should hold onto those guys with their claws!

Angelina Jolie Likes Women to Be Her Servers

According to Page Six Angelina Jolie likes waitresses over waiters:

Angelina Jolie loves to eat out - as long as a woman is serving her. When Jolie and two pals breezed into the Dakota restaurant at the Hollywood Roosevelt the other night, she oddly requested "a female server only" to bring her halibut and salad, our spy says. "The theory is she feels guys gawk at her too much, and this is one way of avoiding that."

Tipping Etiquette

I get this question a lot. Do you tip 20% on an expensive bottle of wine?

The answer is YES (IF the service renders!). It is simple. When you plan to go out and have a nice evening, service is a part of the experience. That is why you go out instead of uncorking that bottle of wine at home. I know it takes two seconds to open a bottle and you can justify it that two seconds doesn't deserve 20%. But what you don't know is how much training the staff has to get to present that wine, let alone the knowledge they have to possess about other wines so they can help you choose. And besides, if you are going to order a $100 of wine, you are probably in a venue that you are paying for that experience.

My motto is this: You should never go out if you can't afford to take care of the servers properly. That is apart of the experience! If you can't, stay home.

It is HOT, Drink a Mojito!

If you happen to be waitressing tonight at an outdoor bar in NYC (like some of my friends:(), or going to sit outside, order a refreshing mojito. (Pronounced Mo-Hito).

If you are at home, make one yourself! Here's how:


fresh mint leaves
lime wedges
light rum
club soda

Put a dozen mint leaves in a glass followed by about 4 lime wedges. Put 2 tsp. of sugar over the mint and limes. Mash the mint, lime and sugar together with a muddler (if you don't have one use a fork). Add ice to the top of the glass and then poor in the run to almost the top. Shake it in a shaker for best results (or just stir thoroughly). Add a splash of club soda and voila!


Today's Guess that Venue

Clues: Not in NYC. Lots of Celebs. Watch the video clip.

That's all you get! Now Guess that venue!

UPDATE: Good job anonymous! It is Pure @ Caesars Palace in Las Vegas!

Tuesday, August 1

Overheard in a Bar

Setting: Busy lounge in NYC...two girls sitting at the bar.

Girl #1: "Is there anyone good here?"
Girl #2: "I don't see anyone. It is all just hipster types."

Celebrity Tip Off: In this edition: Ralph Fiennes and Julia Stiles

As some of you have written to me, I agree with you that most celebs don't really even stand out as good or bad when you wait on them. However, there are those others....Those "others" that stand out because they are so good or just so very bad.
These tips are from the trendy meatpacking area of NYC...


Late last week, Ralph Fiennes was a breakfast guest with a cute little
blonde girl (American) at the eatery. Both were INCREDIBLY NICE. Fiennes
is really quiet and unassuming, but that voice and those eyes are totally

It was crowded, so they had to wait for a table and the waiting area was
crowded with only one vacant seat. About half a dozen people offered to
give up their seats for him, but he wouldn't allow it. Instead, he sat
on the wobbly vacant seat and the girlfriend sat on his lab. They were
laughing about the situation and Fiennes was wobbling the chair more so
than it normally does, just goofing around with his girlfriend like any
other guy.

When we finally had a table for him, the hostess apologized and he told
her not to apologize at all, that they were just having a lazy morning
and it was perfect. Once seated, he and his girlfriend were talking softly
and laughing loudly, really cozy and comfortable with each other. Fiennes
was beaming.

When the server came to wait on them, he asked them if it was unusually
busy for a weekday and the server said it's hit or miss during the week and
apologized for the wait. He said, "Oh, no, no. No need. We're having a
good time. I just feel badly for you because it's so busy. You must be
exhausted." He was so kind to the waitress. He said "Thank you" to everything the server did for them, from bringing their food to refilling their coffee and water to
clearing their plates. Their bill was about $40, but he also left a
$40 tip. On his way out, he saidt to the waitress, "I hope you get a chance to rest
later today." It was GREAT.

Ok, now I want Ralph as a boyfriend!!!


Julia Stiles, on the other hand, is no Ralph. She came into the eatery the
day before by herself and threw a fit when her "favorite table" was
occupied. She said, "They know I come in here every (whatever day of
the week it was) and like to sit THERE" very loudly as she pointed to
a table where a family was sitting. The poor family looked horrified.

The hostess said she could wait 15 or 20 minutes for the family to
leave, and she said, "Forget it. I'll just get it to go." She placed
her order (rudely, of course) and sat with her arms folded for the
next ten minutes. When it wasn't ready, she asked the hostess, "Will
it be ready sometime TODAY?" and the hostess said, "Yes, I'm sure it
will be." The server brought her the food five minutes later and she said,
"It's about time." Her order came to $14.99 and gave $15. Nice,

Remember Julia..."How you treat a waitress says a lot about who you are!"

Thanks A for the tip off!

Athlete Tip Off: Jason Giambi

Jason Giambi proved to be like his other Yanks by being an excellent tipper. As I told you before, A-Rod and Jeter have already proven to be excellent tippers and extremely nice customers.

Giambi was hanging out at NYC hot spot One for their Sunday night party. He was seen leaving the bathroom attendant $50! Thanks Jason!

Thank You Friends and Readers!

For a split second I was feeling bad about calling Ms. Hathaway out on her behavior to me as waitress. Then, after speaking with many, I came to the conclusion that I'm not saying she is awful person. I'm just saying that she could improve her manners to servers.

I started this blog because I was horrified that so many smart, beautiful and talented people I worked with (myself included) were repeatedly treated poorly. I truly believe in karma and the saying that "how you treat a waitress says a lot about who you are...". I'm just trying to help others with their karma by calling them out on poor behavior! With that said, I'm not going to feel bad anymore.

On that note, I've been overwhelmed by the amount of feedback I've gotten from fellow servers!! I'm so thankful that Gawker, Cityrag and Save Manny mentioned my blog to bring all you wonderful people to me! I guess I wasn't the only one frustrated! We will, one person at a time, improve treatment of servers! Then we will all live in harmony!! (sort of:)

Share your stories with me (or submit yourself or a friend to be the Waitress of the Day) at

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Monday, July 31

Devil Wears Prada Star is Devilish Herself

So I know I was trying to be positive today, but this has been bothering me for a long time. With all the recent publicity of Anne Hathaway for DWP, I can't help but be reminded. I got the joy, or should I say unfortunate, opportunity (I mean let's face it, I had to. It was my job..) to wait on Ms. Hathaway last summer around this time.

How do I put this nicely? She was not so nice. First, her and her older male friend (may have been on Princess Diaries with her...I've never seen I can't be sure), strolled into the bar of open tables. Of course they beeline to the table that seats 15 and with 5 reserved signs on it with birthday decorations. Interesting choice Anne. We were expecting a party of 20 at any moment for a birthday party. Seriously, are you crazy? What wouldn't you understand about reserve signs and balloons? Did you think we put them there for you?

I took a deep breathe and walked over to explain ever so nicely that I could get them a quick drink but a birthday party was on their way in and they bought this table (look at the decorations!!!!)....I explained that I just wanted to warn them and I'd be sure to accomodate them in anyway I could (I made sure to smile a lot and apologize profusely).

This is when Anne's true star power started to shine. She gave me the coldest stare I have ever had upon me and snapped that she'd have a sparkling water and he ordered some wine. I hurried to get it and my manager yelled at me to get them up. I told her who she was and what had happened, and my manager reminded me that everyone is equal. I took the mineral water and the check. The party came and Anne and Co. ran off without paying. NICE!

I know we all have our moments, but this is not the only story I've heard of her devilish ways! Maybe she doesn't know any better. I have found that those that never had to work in the service industry don't understand. I can always forgive if people make an effort to understand. There still is hope for Anne!

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Good Celebrity Tipper of the Day

In honor of his recent nuptials, I'd like to give Kid Rock today's title of GCT. My source said that he tipped over 50% and he even made sure to ask if it was okay to sit at the reserved table. How humble of him! A lot of celebs have the "entitlement" attitude, thankfully not Kid! I've never waited on Pam, but since Kid is her new hubby, I'm sure he'll be picking up the tabs!

The Good Things About Being A Waitress

I know I talk a lot about the bad, but I'm feeling like being positive today.

1) If you are going through a break up, it keeps you occupied. You don't have time to dwell, and moving around and talking to people is therapy in itself.

2) You drink for free (managers, please forget you read that). So you definitely save money on that front, especially if you are dealing with a bad time in your life (refer to #1).

3) There are usually some cute bartenders to flirt with. (Helps the ego...refer to #1..).

4) With all that you get verbally abused, you do get some nice compliments every now and then. This is especially important during those times we were referring to above.

5) You usually have a group of fellow waitresses to gossip with. (Therapy again...refer to #1..).

6) There is always a bar that stays open just for your staff to come have a nightcap after work. Which let's face it, you will definitely need. (You guessed it...refer to #1...).

7) You make some money every time you work. Sometimes decent, sometimes not. Regardless, you'll ususally spend it right when you walk out the door when you overtip the bartender at the bar (read #6) you have a nightcap at... but at least for a split second you had cash in your pocket. And, it feels good to support yourself during lonely times (refer to #1...).

Um, ya...I had a rough weekend. But being a waitress (even though somedays I admit I was ashamed of it), gave me a lot more than I give it credit for!!

Sunday, July 30

Congrats Pam and Kid!

If I only extended my vacation by a mere two weeks, I may have seen the lovebirds. Anyhow, I'm very happy they are in love. It is really hard to find. Even if they do get divorced in a month, at least they had love for a time. St. Tropez is by far the most decadent place this ex waitress has ever visited. So, without question, it was the perfect venue for these two!! Good luck and party on! (I want to wear a sexy white bikini and a sailor hat the day I get married too!)...I'm joking mom!! But honestly, no joke, I am happy for Pam and Kid!!