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Celebrity Tip Off: In this edition: Ralph Fiennes and Julia Stiles

As some of you have written to me, I agree with you that most celebs don't really even stand out as good or bad when you wait on them. However, there are those others....Those "others" that stand out because they are so good or just so very bad.
These tips are from the trendy meatpacking area of NYC...


Late last week, Ralph Fiennes was a breakfast guest with a cute little
blonde girl (American) at the eatery. Both were INCREDIBLY NICE. Fiennes
is really quiet and unassuming, but that voice and those eyes are totally

It was crowded, so they had to wait for a table and the waiting area was
crowded with only one vacant seat. About half a dozen people offered to
give up their seats for him, but he wouldn't allow it. Instead, he sat
on the wobbly vacant seat and the girlfriend sat on his lab. They were
laughing about the situation and Fiennes was wobbling the chair more so
than it normally does, just goofing around with his girlfriend like any
other guy.

When we finally had a table for him, the hostess apologized and he told
her not to apologize at all, that they were just having a lazy morning
and it was perfect. Once seated, he and his girlfriend were talking softly
and laughing loudly, really cozy and comfortable with each other. Fiennes
was beaming.

When the server came to wait on them, he asked them if it was unusually
busy for a weekday and the server said it's hit or miss during the week and
apologized for the wait. He said, "Oh, no, no. No need. We're having a
good time. I just feel badly for you because it's so busy. You must be
exhausted." He was so kind to the waitress. He said "Thank you" to everything the server did for them, from bringing their food to refilling their coffee and water to
clearing their plates. Their bill was about $40, but he also left a
$40 tip. On his way out, he saidt to the waitress, "I hope you get a chance to rest
later today." It was GREAT.

Ok, now I want Ralph as a boyfriend!!!


Julia Stiles, on the other hand, is no Ralph. She came into the eatery the
day before by herself and threw a fit when her "favorite table" was
occupied. She said, "They know I come in here every (whatever day of
the week it was) and like to sit THERE" very loudly as she pointed to
a table where a family was sitting. The poor family looked horrified.

The hostess said she could wait 15 or 20 minutes for the family to
leave, and she said, "Forget it. I'll just get it to go." She placed
her order (rudely, of course) and sat with her arms folded for the
next ten minutes. When it wasn't ready, she asked the hostess, "Will
it be ready sometime TODAY?" and the hostess said, "Yes, I'm sure it
will be." The server brought her the food five minutes later and she said,
"It's about time." Her order came to $14.99 and gave $15. Nice,

Remember Julia..."How you treat a waitress says a lot about who you are!"

Thanks A for the tip off!


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booooooo to julia!!!

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