Monday, July 31

Good Celebrity Tipper of the Day

In honor of his recent nuptials, I'd like to give Kid Rock today's title of GCT. My source said that he tipped over 50% and he even made sure to ask if it was okay to sit at the reserved table. How humble of him! A lot of celebs have the "entitlement" attitude, thankfully not Kid! I've never waited on Pam, but since Kid is her new hubby, I'm sure he'll be picking up the tabs!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kid Rock was actually in my home town this year around prom season, and he ended up eating in the same nice steakhouse as one of my cousins, who was with a group of 15 or so teens. They were all out celebrating prom night, dressed up and what not, and were excited to recognize a celebrity in the small city of Raleigh. But the night only got better when Kid Rock paid for ALL of their dinners... just as a nice gesture. They didn't get pictures, from what I heard the group was very laid back and neither table bothered the star. But it was a very memorable night, and even more so because of his generous gift!

8/15/2006 6:09 AM  

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