Monday, July 24

Tipping Guidelines

I promised many servers that I would write this. Today is a quick lesson in tipping. Now, since I was a server, I know I can be a bit of an over tipper. But this is how I've taught even my parents how to tip.

Start a 20%. Work up or down based on service. For example, if it was not so good, tip 15%. If it was awful, well you decide. If it was the best service you've ever had, maybe go up to 25%. Just please do not start your guideline at 15%. Most do not understand that the server has to tip out various people. So the server really isn't left with all of that money. And, instead of walking through life unassuming (that is if you've never been a server), watch a waitress. I know there are a lot of bad ones, but there are also ones that if you watch the process of you getting your order, there are a lot more to it than you think.

I truly believe that if you are more aware as a person, naturally you'll tip more. Try it; watch a server (I'm sure you'll pick the cutest one and it won't be that bad!).

Another rule of thumb, do not ever leave change! It is very insulting. There are some exceptions to this rule. Like if you are at a penny pitcher night and you leave rest of the dollar, fine. But if your bill is $50, DO NOT leave your change on the table. Unless, however, it was the worst service of all time. Be Careful. Let me remind you that if you are saying this every other day, maybe you don't understand the industry and you need to do that observation I was talking about! Or, if you have some free time, get a job as a server (it is a high turnover rate) and I guarantee you will never be a bad tipper.

One more thing, if you live in New York and you are a guy and you take a girl on a date (especially a girl that used to be a server), make sure you tip well. That is if you want a phone call back! Good luck and better tips for all!


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