Wednesday, July 19

Can I Take Your Order?

So I was sitting around with a few friends last night discussing some stereotypes of drinks, food and what makes a bad date. Here are some tidbits from the conversation:

If someone orders a Long Island Ice Tea what do you think? Waitresses agree that this screams underage. The men in the group think that if a woman orders this, she may be easy.

Sour Apple Martini? We ALL agree that this has many stereotypes. The Europeans in the group are more excepting of this order (figures).

What if a date orders a glass of champagne at an Irish pub? All in agreement, we think think is annoying. The guys insist it is SO much hotter to see a girl drink beer out of a bottle (figures again).

If a man orders a well done steak on a date, it might be grounds for the girl to get up and leave. Period.

Guys aren't sure what they think about dating a vegan. On one hand, it complicates the relationship. On the other, she is a cheaper dinner date and hopefully instead consumes more alcohol.


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