Thursday, July 20

Oh Ashlee! At Least There Was P.I.N.K

I attended the Ashlee Simpson Pink for Victoria's Secret party last evening. Yes, but it is only because I heard there was a bar. Anyways, I have to admit that I was rather looking forward to hearing Ms. Simpson sing even though all of my friends were opposed. I should have not been so optimistic. She sang three songs that were quite frankly, not so good. Always trying to make the best out of a bad situation, I must comment on the other aspects of the party. Everything was so pink, and I loved it! The carpet, lighting and even the vodka! Well, the vodka wasn't pink in color, but it was my new favorite liquor called p.i.n.k vodka! That definitely made the night a lot smoother! I got some fun swag and even got to lay eyes on Jesse Metcalfe. There were also a lot of male models there as well (if you into that type of thing). The bartenders were dressed in all white and aviator glasses which reverted me back to my days in St. Tropez. Final word is that a bar is key in all situations.


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