Tuesday, July 25

Celebrity Tip or Tat?

I've heard many stories from fellow waitresses about celebrities they've waited on. I'm going to start off today with some consistently great tippers, saving the good stuff (or should I say the bad) for later. From NYC to LA, these celebs always take care of their server.

1) Mr. Clooney. I know you hate celeb gossip sites, but at least I'm patting you on the back!
2) Derek Jeter. (..and all of the other Yanks too!) We know you know what it is like to physically work hard, and we appreciate you appreciating us!
3) Ben Affleck. No conclusion on if he was an even better tipper when he used to be more intoxicated. Regardless, he consistently seems to always pay up and way over!
4) Sara Jessica Parker. Although I did read one story in page six that she forgot to tip once, but she ended up calling and it was a misunderstanding. Besides that, the former Ohio native never forgets those taking care of her!

more to come....


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