Wednesday, July 26

Celebrity Guess Who?

I'm giving you guys one more chance...this time with more clues!

Which brand named retired athlete (a few times over) is notoriously known not to pay his thousands of dollars worth of bar tabs, and leave nothing for his servers? Swoosh!

Which fiancee of a female pop singer (who is most recently getting noticed for her rapid weight loss) left a $4 tip on a $4,000 tab? Clue: Not Al Reynolds, try again!

Which young Hollywood starlet threw a fit when she accidentally got walked in on in the bathroom of a NYC club? She wasn't actually using the "toilette", so what's the big deal?...No more clues on this one, it should be obvious! (This was after an infamous magazine article.)

Which two mogul hip hoppers were dining at Cipriani in downtown NYC, when a little lady accidentally knocked over their empty wine bottle? They admittedly insisted she buy them another! This was even though the server insisted it was empty!...
One is about to release a new album.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

gotta be lohan
jay-z and ?

7/12/2006 10:52 AM  

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