Monday, July 31

The Good Things About Being A Waitress

I know I talk a lot about the bad, but I'm feeling like being positive today.

1) If you are going through a break up, it keeps you occupied. You don't have time to dwell, and moving around and talking to people is therapy in itself.

2) You drink for free (managers, please forget you read that). So you definitely save money on that front, especially if you are dealing with a bad time in your life (refer to #1).

3) There are usually some cute bartenders to flirt with. (Helps the ego...refer to #1..).

4) With all that you get verbally abused, you do get some nice compliments every now and then. This is especially important during those times we were referring to above.

5) You usually have a group of fellow waitresses to gossip with. (Therapy again...refer to #1..).

6) There is always a bar that stays open just for your staff to come have a nightcap after work. Which let's face it, you will definitely need. (You guessed it...refer to #1...).

7) You make some money every time you work. Sometimes decent, sometimes not. Regardless, you'll ususally spend it right when you walk out the door when you overtip the bartender at the bar (read #6) you have a nightcap at... but at least for a split second you had cash in your pocket. And, it feels good to support yourself during lonely times (refer to #1...).

Um, ya...I had a rough weekend. But being a waitress (even though somedays I admit I was ashamed of it), gave me a lot more than I give it credit for!!


Blogger Hadas said...

Definitely. A tough breakup was the reason I started working as a waitress. Getting hit on all day, making money, being busy and losing weight from walking to and fro all day can only do you good :)

5/14/2007 4:30 AM  
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