Wednesday, July 26

Questions NOT to ask a Waitress

What are you doing after work? What we say: Not sure. I'm pretty tired. What we mean: Are you kidding, I've been working for 10 hours!..

So, why are you a waitress? What we say: Well, I also...blah blah, blah. What we mean: Seriously, what do you think? To make money! Come On!

Do you want to grab a drink after work with me? What we say: That is so nice of you, but I have a boyfriend. What we mean: I don't even know you! Just because I was nice to you all night doesn't mean I want to get a drink with you! (This is exempt if the server really likes the guy...and SHE'LL let you know!)

Are you a model or an actress? What we say: Yes or No (depending on what is true...or sometimes we fib to make the evening more fun). What we mean: If yes, I don't want to talk about it with you! If no, thanks for just assuming that since I'm a waitress I MUST be an actress/model. (FYI: Most I know in NYC are actually in school.)


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