Thursday, August 3

The Curse of the Black American Express

I remember the first time I was given one. I had no idea what this card was or what the "status" was that came with it. Besides, I was new to New York, and I had just gotten my fifth visa card with some silly flowers on it. I had never seen such a card so sleek!

I was filled in pretty quick that this card represents status, money and such... I know. I know. Some of you are like, "who cares, its a card." However, there are some people that REALLY care. I'm pretty over that sort of thing myself, but that is just because I've dated too many men in this town (tangent). Not to mention the fact that I could probably never get one.

Anyways, some of the girls I worked with always said it was a curse. In my experience it was. I would say that almost 75% of the black cards I received, I did not get tipped well. By saying not well, I actually mean hardly any tip at all.

The titanium black card really threw me for a loop too! I also was not tipped well by both of those patrons :( (...for all of you thinking maybe my service wasn't was. I take a lot of pride in serving people). So, let me know your experiences!! Is the black amex a curse? What I mean by a curse is that you don't get tipped well if you get calm down black card holders...this question is for the servers!

Thanks beautiful A.L. for the pic and S.B. for the card!


Blogger Reg said...

James Cameron used his black Amex at a restaurant I worked in once. I didn't actually wait on him, but I believe he tipped well. He also forgot his card, so we got ogle it for a day before an assistant returned to fetch it.

8/15/2006 12:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said... people can just be cheap!!! I think that the best tippers are "the little people"...go figure!!!

8/16/2006 12:18 AM  
Blogger triplesix said...

I agree with the last post, 'the little people' are the best tippers. Because i think they know the value of money a little better!!!

8/16/2006 5:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not from the US, but it occurred to me that perhaps when you have the chic black card, you already know you're going to look good, and so you don't need to tip well to look good.

Or maybe people really do tip out of a sense of duty. What would I know.

8/20/2006 10:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my restaurant, AmEx Black Cards are well known as a sign for a bad tip about to happen. If I get one, I just have to flash it to a coworker and they'll snicker and say something like 'uh oh.' or 'sorry!'

Every single black card I've gotten has been paired with a sub-par tip. You would think that someone willing to pay a $5,000 annual fee just to have the damn thing would be willing to tip the working class folks of this world for their hard work!

3/26/2008 9:11 AM  

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