Friday, August 4

Drink of the Day: Sex on the Beach

Sorry, but I'm feeling a little nostaligic for college. And, it is kind of healthy because of the juices. The beach does sound awful nice today too. Ok, I'm tired of justifying it. Just make it!


peach schnapps
cranberry juice
pineapple juice
orange juice

Mix 1 oz. of each liquer into a shaker with ice followed by about 2 oz. of each of each juice. On a day like today shake it well to make it extra cold. Usually you strain the beverage into a glass, but I personally keep the ice and just poor into a glass. If you don't have a shaker, just stir until cool.


Blogger Claude Scales said...

Actual dialogue from the late, lamented Lion's Head (Christopher just off 7th, where the Kettle of Fish is now):

Waitress (to bartender Tommy Butler): "Do you do sex on the beach?"

Tommy: "No. What do they want to drink?"

In a similar vein:

Waitress: "Two stout."

Tommy (approx. 5'11", 300 lbs.): "I am not!"

8/14/2006 4:23 PM  

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