Thursday, October 5

"Tip" Of The Day

Was in the east village (NYC) on Sunday for some football watching and came across this chalkboard..

If you can't read it (I'm not the best photographer), it says:

Today's Specials

You Are,
Everytime You Tip!

(not sure what it says in pink...) leaves me feeling all fuzzy inside!

Tuesday, October 3

royalty (..and Prince too!) share the wealth with waitress

Page Six reports:
A GAGGLE of princes showed up at Pink Elephant over the weekend and had their waitresses bowing down to them after leaving extravagant tips. Several from the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia crowded one table and ordered an $8,000 bottle of Cristal - on which they left a hefty $2,000 tip. Meanwhile, Prince the musician strolled in with a female pal and a bodyguard and "left a huge 100 percent tip on their large tab," said our spy.


Curiosity has got the best of me....

What was your biggest tip ever? (if not a server, what is the biggest tip you've ever left?)
under $100
$100 - $500
$300 - $1,000
$1,000 +
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