Wednesday, November 8

Uma's been a waitress

Her t-shirt says the rest of the jobs she had before being, well, being er, Uma.

Guess The A-List Waitress
Actresses normally start off as waitresses before hitting the big time in Hollywood.
Not the other way round.
However, this table-waiting gig isn't the only work Uma Thurman can currently find.
She's still an in-demand actress (we loved her in My Super Ex-Girlfriend, btw), so in-demand in fact, that she was asked to attend the Sundance Institute's 25th Anniversary Gala.
And, to say thanks for all Sundance has done for her career, Uma picked up a tray and started serving drinks.
But giving Uma competition for tips were Parker Posey, Claire Danes, Newman and Glenn Close.

Btw..Claire Danes dropped her tray!!