Monday, August 7

Cuba Has a Little Entitlement/Temper Issue

According to Page Six:

CUBA Gooding Jr. is as unlucky in night clubs as he is in picking good scripts. The for mer A-lister stormed out of Stereo Thursday after being seated at what he thought was sub par VIP seating.

According to our source:

On another note, he has also been known to get quite angry if you ask him if he is married.

Advice to Cuba: Be grateful they accommadated you with a table (which I'm sure you were getting free alcohol too), and have fun. That is why you go to nightclubs in the first place. I know you are a celebrity, but if you haven't noticed yet, there are more celebs in this world than you. :)


Blogger Michael Leahy said...

Who is Cuba Gooding, Jr (and I can't remember the Sr either)?

8/17/2006 8:26 AM  

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