Wednesday, August 9

Lance Eats Out of the Garnish Tray

I served Lance Armstrong back when he still hung out with a woman, Sheryl Crow. I was always more excited to wait on an accomplished athlete than a celeb. Anyways, it was a party for Crow's crew, and I served them red wine the entire evening. They were both extremely nice and down to earth.

Ironically, yesterday, I talked about when guests eat out of the bartenders garnish tray. I made it clear that it is a no-no, and today I still think that. However, before Lance left the bar that evening, he came up and chatted with us and grabbed a couple of orange slices out of the garnish tray to eat. For some reason (okay, I know why, it was Lance), this did not phase me. I even took his dirty tissue (he had a cold) from his hand and threw it away!

I guess there are exceptions to any rule (except paying the tab and tipping). Lance, you can eat out of a garnish tray at a bar in front of me anytime! Besides, the guy has earned it! No word on his eating habits with his new buddy Matthew McConaughey.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

ya..what is with the new boys club?

8/09/2006 3:03 PM  
Blogger micasavacia said...

ok....nice and terribly...boys beautifulll boys???

8/17/2006 7:37 AM  

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