Thursday, September 7

Waitress gets tip of a lifetime

This made my morning.

By Dean Jacobs/Tribune Staff
Juli Remsey has three loves in her life — her children, Jenn, 16, Jami, 13, and Jason, 11. OK, maybe there is a fourth — sports.

As a single mom, going to her children’s sporting events fills her life.

“We bond through sports,” she said.

She and Jason had a special bonding experience Saturday, thanks to a customer where Juli works, Martini’s restaurant in downtown Fremont.

A few weeks ago, she was sharing with the customer her son’s interest in Jaycee football. The customer asked if she had ever taken him to a Nebraska game.

“A single parent on a waitress salary, man, I don’t think it’s going to happen,” replied the waitress with 25 years experience.

Jason Remsey and his mother, Juli, of Fremont enjoy the Nebraska-Louisiana Tech game Saturday afternoon in Lincoln. Juli, a waitress at Martini’s in downtown Fremont, was given the tickets as a tip from one of her customers so she could take her son to his first Husker game. - Dean Jacobs/Fremont Tribune
A couple of weeks later the same customer returned to have a cup of tea. After he left, Juli went over to clean the table and found a white envelope. In it she found two tickets to the Nebraska-Louisiana Tech game with a note attached: “Have a great time at the game.”

“I started shaking and almost crying when I opened up the envelope,” Juli said.

She was barely able to contain herself when she picked up Jason after school.

“It was killing me not to tell him right away,” she said.

Once in the house, Juli sat Jason down at the kitchen table for a talk. She eased the pre-teen’s concerns by saying it was time they spent a Saturday together. With that, she slid the envelope across the table and the tickets popped out.

“No way, Mom. Are these real?” he asked.

They were. On Saturday, Juli and Jason joined the thousands of other Nebraska fans inside Memorial Stadium.

“It was pretty cool,” Jason said of his first game. “I didn’t know it would be so loud.”

“My friends know my kids are my life, so for someone to do something like this for me is beyond words,” Juli said.

“We’re just so grateful, maybe this is God’s way of showing there’s still good people in the world,” she added.



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there are angels in this world

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