Sunday, September 17

Waitress Accused Of Swiping Credit Card Numbers

Now I don't know how she thought she wouldn't get caught. But then again, I guess drugs can make a person do things they normally wouldn't do. I hope she is seeking treatment for her addiction and I hope she recovers.

BOSTON -- If you've eaten at the Ground Round in Salem recently, you might want to pay close attention to your credit card bill.
A waitress there is accused of swiping customers' credit card numbers to support her heroin habit.
Nicole Sekenski, 28, allegedly kept copies of customers' credit card numbers.

When other customers paid with cash, she would allegedly bill the meal to one of those credit cards and pocket the cash.
One customer said she was charged six times for the same dinner.

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Anonymous A.Roberson a.k.a Question Man said...

There's no link for the source of this post. Just letting you know cause I'm a Big Fan ;-)

Bad habits make good people do bad things. I know what Heroin can do to people...(not me) because I have people close in my life that have these habits. Your mind is not clear when you're needing a hit.

9/18/2006 1:49 AM  

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